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Centre County Christian Academy Reviews

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My experience at Centre County Christian Academy has been amazing. All of the students are kind and welcoming and the teachers are all amazing. At CCCA they educate you very well and have you well prepared for your future. It is a very small school so you get to be very close with all of your class mates and you get one on one with teachers that you can’t normally get in a public school. I love my school very much.
I have attended CCCA for a total of 5 years. Some in elementary and some in high school. The atmosphere is nice and the encouragement and people are phenomenal. The diversity of the school is basically nonexistent and that is something that I find important to become a well rounded person ready and open minded for college. Overall the academics are exceptional; easy for myself but a challenge to others.
The teachers were good when I attended. They cared about us as students and made sure that we were doing our best. If we were struggling they would go out of their way to help us achieve a better standing.
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I never had a problem with feeling unsafe. Everyone got along great and nearly everyone was friends. The security of the building kept strangers out and the atmosphere was safe and fun.
I was pushed a lot due to the higher academics then a public school. The variety of classes was not large due to the small number of students, but the teachers focused on getting us ready for life and college and they did a good job.
The school was very small so extracurricular activities were limited, and many times actually required to participate in. The sports were good and fun to be a part of and helped the student body grow closer to each other. Other activities like volunteering and such were limited, but enjoyable whoever they were offered.
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