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It was my experience that teachers and other faculty were caring individuals whos focus was of the betterment of students who strived to better themselves however it was also my experience that teachers lacked the equality of students as a whole and those students involved in athletics were favored towards as sports seemed to be more important as a whole rather than education and disipline.
Diversity was at a moderate level also and again it was my belief along with most other students that the level of diversity applied to the individual student , their economic level and whether or not they were involved in athletics.
Although my staments here may have seemed somewhat derogatory , Centralia High School was a milestone in my life that I will never forget and am proud to have had the privilege of attending there.
A special thank you to the teachers and other staff and my fellow classmates.
Great teachers but very biased. Some of the faculty tended to favor students more involved in athletics or farming. They do have a very good athletics programs though. Food is awful.
This school is awesome. There are so many positive role models to look up to.
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Teachers here are out of this world. They do whatever it takes for the students.
The teachers at this school are very good with their teaching styles and knowledge. The environment in the classrooms are friendly and warm but still focused on learning. Any questions students have can be answered by the teachers and they help the students understand the subject they had questions about. Many of the teachers have great communication with the students and can communicate about pretty much anything.
The faculty really cares about the students and there is a great learning environment.
some of the food is cold and hard but the other times its fine
Most students get along here
we have clubs like FBLA,FFA ,FCA Student, Council Key club, drama club
most teachers are good teachers here and help students
We have a variety of sports from football to softball and volleyball to wrestling and baskteball and track&field to baseball
Like I mentioned earlier, the academics are some of the highest around. The teachers hired are the best of the best, and most of them went to high school here, so they care more and put more work into it then teachers at other schools. The workload is manageable, unless you're in numerous sports and clubs, then you're scheduling could get tight.
For this small of a town, the facilities are in great shape. The only complaint I have is that all the money given to the school by boosters and alumni goes to the football program and football field.
The teachers, for the most part, are pretty great. They are better then the teachers in college, because they actually care about us. Their teaching style's are understandable, they explain things well, and the grading is the same.
Clubs and organizations at my high school are great. There are a variety of clubs and organizations for the musically inclined, like Chamber Choir, Band, Jazz Band and Orchestra. For the geeks, there is Chess Club, and SKRUBS, which is an organization focused on learning and promoting science. There are the typical Stu-Co, NHS, FBLA and KeyCLUB clubs, and there is FFA too.
Because I went to a Community college directly after graduation, and because they are similar to high school, I can't tell yet if my high school experience has prepared me for the "real world" yet, but I'm sure I find out when I transfer this fall to a 4 year university. I expect it will have prepared me more so then other schools around Central Missouri. I know academic wise I'm ahead of some of my Community college classmates, which is great, but like I said earlier, I'll know more when I transfer.
We have very decisive groups in our school which I don't like.
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We have a great academics program in our school, and great teachers.
We dedicate a lot of our time and money for our sports.
The academics offered are fantastic, though courses offered don't necessarily cover more than a few career paths. When you graduate from CHS, you're graduating with pride, because true effort is required to succeed here. Our education is highly recommended and rated.
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