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This school sucks. Everyone’s two faced. Even the teachers. Teachers only care if you have the right last name for around here.
Sports is a big thing at Centralia with 14 state volleyball championships, 3 state football championships, 2 girls state track championships, and many more. Although sports is a big thing, academics is put first. No one will fail. They will help you until you pass.
The teachers truly care about the kids and how you do in life, not just school. You’ll make lifelong friends and adults who will be there for you no matter what. Also, they’re some of the best at sports in Kansas!
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My experience at Centralia was something to remember, the people all over the community were willing to provide you with what you needed to be successful and it didn't matter if you were they child or not.
Most of the teachers at the school have talked to my mother, as she tries to help with homework and does not understand, she then can call the teachers and they will teach her so she can help. They have always had an open door policy and are willing to help their students in any way they can. Even an English teacher will help with other classes if needed. It is great to know you can turn to any of them and get help for anything.
I have not been exposed as everyone knows the no tolerance of our faculty.
For school food it is ok, we have a cafeteria only with a salad bar. That's about all I can say. Its school food.
We have State Championships in Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Golf, Track and Cross Country. This is every sport at our school. I am lucky to have been a member of a State Champion Football Team, I have a younger brother who has been a 2 time State Champion Football Player. Go Panthers
Our school is fully handicap accessible. You can get anywhere in our school in a wheelchair or walker.
The school has a great community turn out, not only the parents but grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. We are a close knit community and we are all there for one another. The best example I can give is when you attend any activity involving the students either sports or academic, we as a community celebrate together. You can see that at any function, we are just a great big family.
I have found that there are many different ways our school faculty helped with the many different situations that came up at our school. Since I came from a school that only has about 20 graduating students a year, I live in a very small town. That the teachers were always there to support the students and were more like extended parents. When issues did arise they were handled rapidly and to the benefit of all involved. There is a no violence tolerance and absolutely no racist tolerance in our school. I believe it is a great place and safe place for all students.
I graduated at semester so that I could work to try and earn money before I went off to college. I then took a year off to continue to work to help my family. I have now moved out of state to try to go to college and become more independent.
The extracurricular opportunities at my high school ranged from after school sports to FFA. We had a SADD group that performed monthly community activities and helped discuss the right choices. We had an art group that traveled to different art shows. Music groups that performed and competed state wide.
Our staff is friendly and helpful towards the students when they need help.
The lunches are pretty good. We have different fruit and vegetable options avaliable everyday. Since we are a small 1A school, we dont have an open lunch period. We can either eat school lunches, or bring our own.
The school is backed by the community, and we are all a big family. If i had to redo high school i would attend Centralia again. The small town atmosphere is second to none. Winning state in volleyball and footbal was awesome, because the whole community travels to all the games to support our teams.
The students at my school are student athletes. I am a student who balances sports with school work and feel as if it prepares students for life. The volleyball team and football team both won State this year and are very successful in all of the other sports my school offers. The community is very supportive of our sports teams. Majority of the community attends all of the sporting events. At state volleyball and football, community members who didn't have children playing on the teams came to the games to support our athletes. All of the athletes, play multiple sports in school and don't focus on just one. I believe that all of the characteristics athletes posses shapes us into well rounded people and by participating in sports prepares us for college and a career in the future.
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Our football and volleyball team both won State this year. Our KAY club, SADD, and NHS clubs all help out in the community by volunteering to rake yards, offer alternative options instead of promoting drinking on he weekends, and by helping out at the local food pantry and food drives.
Centralia offers plenty of post-graduation experiences. Students can college visit wherever they please and are provided information to any school they wish to attend. We also have one on one counseling.
We have never had a bomb threat, writing on bathroom walls, bullying is very limited, everyone feels extremely safe.
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