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Centralia High School encourages involvement in school clubs and the community. The administration also works every hard to try to ensure student safety. Most teachers strive to help students and give students the best chance they can. However, there could be more college preparation help for the upperclassmen.
The school has so much good about it that it is hard to find the bad. Everything from the variety of classes, to the extremely helpful and nice staff, and how safe the principal makes the school feel.
The people at Centralia High School are the best around. I enjoy spending time with them. The teachers are all awesome people and will help students with any issues they have.
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At Centralia High School there is an activity for everyone. There are a variety of clubs, sports, after school activities, anything for anyone. They are sure to make everyone feel welcomed and included. Centralia also has teachers than can genuinely care about their students and their lives outside of the classroom. Most of the teachers will help you succeed in the path you'd like to go down. They will help with job opportunities, internships, and check up on you to make sure you are a well fit. As far as something I'd like to see change in is the variety on classes. If you aren't into trade or nursing, there aren't that many classes to take to better prepare for your career. But overall, I would recommend Centralia to anyone who wants a small town high school experience.
Centralia High School is a great school. The issue is they don’t know how to budget. Instead of getting AC for the gym they paid for a new gym floor that wasn’t needed. Also sports always come first to them. They omit the fine arts.
Centralia High School is a place where students can be themselves and find friends that help them to succeed. From the first year of high school, the principle tells the students to get involved. Be involved with clubs, sports, and other activities Centralia High School has to offer. Centralia High School offers a diverse amount for sports that include both boys and girls. One girl in my class is involved in both football and wrestling. I feel that most high schools only allow boys to be on those teams, but our high school allows her to practice and play with the boys. One thing that Centralia High School could do to better the school and their activities is to put less focus on football and basketball. They put so much into those two sports and look over most of the other sports they have to offer at Centralia High School. Overall, Centralia High School is a great school that teaches students to be involved in their school.
It's very nice. Teachers seem genuinely invested in their students success. Multiple honors, advanced placement, and dual credit classes. Clubs are expansive, and students are able to start their own clubs together. Alternative lunch items are offered, and hot lunches are cheap: discounted or free.
The reason some students feel the teachers care and are involved are because many of them are parents or family members of the students. The school is from a small town, and if you aren't established in the town, teachers will treat you accordingly (aka like you're non-essential). The principle changed almost every year when I was here, and the academics are from the stone age. The teachers play the high school politics as if they never left themselves, and the students are micromanaged or forgotten completely with no in between. The building was kept clean, and I never felt like I was in danger at school, but rather judged and ridiculed by teachers and staff. Some leadership within the administration seems necessary.
I love it overall, but some of the teachers bring too many of their personal issues to class. I know that the faculty and staff truly care though, and would help anybody if they asked.
I really do love this high school. The bus drivers are very nice, the teachers are as well. Most teachers know how to have fun when needed and when to get serious. You really don't see a lot of fights happen. You don't hear about drama a lot as well. We have many different clubs/sports too!
The teachers are very involved with their students but their faculty plays favorites real bad. If you don’t have a big name, you’re a nobody.
The best thing about Centralia High School are the teachers helpfulness and energetic approach to helping students. My art class is especially helpful as it provides an environment of encouragement and gives me a break from rough school work throughout the day.
I loved the fact that teachers actually cared about students and their futures. If I could change anything it would be the support for girls sport should be the same as males. The boys basketball team had way more advantages than the girls.
I enjoyed my time at CHS. Most of the teachers were very supportive and the curriculum had me college-ready. The administration were very encouraging to parents about being active with the students and the school. The new facility is wonderful, clean and safe.
Poor communication from teachers and administration. The principle will tell you one thing and in the same conversation tell you something else. They are very bad about playing favorites here.
Centralia high school is a place where students can come to learn, feel safe aswell as respected. That is something that is very important.
I'll always be an orphan fan. The school makes me feel nostalgic and it'll always be my alma mater. The students have a tendency to be awful. A teacher threw a student across the hall onto the ground and as far as I know he still hasn't been fired.
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Centralia is not a safe town especially in recent years. During a band practice we had to run inside because of a shorting nearby.
There is not a wide variety for all students and many clubs are only meeting once a month
There is a lot of pride in athletics because we are the Orphans and that's a very big deal.
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