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I enjoy how there are many different types of courses you can take as well as how you are given the freedom to choose the courses that interest you most. One thing I believe the school could do better is focusing on where there funding is going and becoming better at putting it into the right areas.
I have really loved going to Central. It is a very well rounded school. It has good academics, performing arts, and sports. I believe all of the programs are great and I am lucky to go to such a great school. The only thing I would change is some of the academics. I believe there is a way to improve them by helping students more so there is a chance for more success in the classroom.
Great school when I began, but has regressed as time has gone on. The school is heavily dependent upon technology and no longer caters to what the kids want or need to succeed, but rather what the government is pushing for. Standards for the students have also regressed and are no longer held accountable for their actions and their academics. The school needs to stop teaching to the test & focus on setting up their students for success at the next level.
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I have really enjoyed my experience with Central York High School so far. I am involved in clubs and chorus. I have been in almost all honors classes. The teachers are all so helpful and I have formed some really close bonds with some. I have liked all of my teachers even if some are a little more strict then others. I am a senior and will be graduating in 2020. I am planning on attending PA College of Health Sciences and majoring in nursing. I have already been excepted and I am very excited about that. I want to then get a job at the Lancaster General Hospital, which is the Hospital that I will be doing clinicals through. It is the Hospital that the college is connected with. I am excited to finish the year and move on to start my life.
I have been in the Central York School District my entire life and I can't imagine going to school anywhere else. I received 12 years of education from this district and I feel very prepared and ready to enter the real world. The teachers make sure you are prepared as a student and as a person. The only thing I would change is increasing the amount of diversity within the district.
The thing I liked most about Central was that our high school gave us the freedom to choose how we learned best in classrooms. We had multiple different options like Apollo, Self-Paced, Online, Project Based Learning, Traditional, AP course, Honors, Dual Enrollment and College in the High School. I also liked that Central has a diverse group of clubs so that there was something for everyone, but if there wasn't a club for you, you could always talk to a teacher about creating a club with your friends and peers. The only thing that I can say I wasn't too fond of was the required days through certain clubs, yes they helped to prepare us for the world but certain kids were comfortable doing activities with certain peer members.
I was in the Central York school district from Kindergarten until now as a senior. I met so many people throughout my school years. I had some amazing teachers. The experiences was something I will never forget. One thing I really appreciate besides the great education I received was learning how to swim. I was so fearful but I conquered my fear and became a great swimmer. I'm glad it was not an option to take swimming but a requirement. Central is definitely a great school and I wouldn't change a thing.
I like being able to choose my classes of academics and when I want them. it not only helps me wanna do make work and etc. more cause their what im interested in. but also when I wanna take the to help balance my schedule the way I need it so im not too overwhelming. makes school more enjoyable.
Central York High School is a very diverse school. This school allows many of opportunities of involvement and success. With class sizes of 500 people there are many to make friends with. The sports programs are very successful with great coaching. The academic faculty is some of the best in the state. They offer freedom when branching into areas of interest in academics, while revolving around a base general education. They offer students access to Ipads/computers for personal use while a student at the school.
Central York High School provided me with an excellent foundation of education that set me up to succeed in college. I feel very prepared in all aspects to do well in higher education and am very satisfied with how CYHS operated for my four years there.
I really like the freedom we get at the highs school. There are so many options for learning that we can choose from. The teachers are extremely flexible and really care about the students and our success.
The school has resources available only if you actively search for them. Unlike more competitive secondary schools where all teachers and counselors want to ensure your success, you need to put in the work to really ensure your own success here. Teachers and counselors are wonderful but do not necessarily meet super ambitious people on a daily basis so it may be hard to find resources for high achievers.
Growing up in the district, I learned to be kind to others and was pushed to challenge myself academically. In terms of social life, CYHS was great and offered SO. MANY opportunities to meet new people and bond over shared interests. Academically, they offered many many choices to customize your learning and helped you navigate every possible option you could take to better prepare for your future. Though Central was not immune to the expected trials and tribulations that come with an American high school, the faculty and staff ensured you always had someone to talk to and made sure you were always safe.
I really enjoyed attending CYHS. There was so much to be involved in including both sports and clubs. As time progressed between my freshman and senior year, the school added a variety of new clubs to help involve everyone in something they enjoyed or were interested in. The sports games were a must as the student section hyped up all teams and events. The down side to CYHS was that there a lot of issues the technology. I know it is the new thing to bring technology into schools, but there were many times where the internet was down or our devices didn’t work which prevented us from doing almost any work throughout the day.
Central York High School was a place for me to not only get the education I needed but for me to be myself. I was able to express myself through my personality with all my friends and also in the classroom with my teachers. Central School District has made it available to use so many resources to explore what I would like to do for my future and make sure I'm successful when going into that future and for that I thank them.
CentralYork High School is a very nice place to go to school. The teachers are very caring and really try to help you succeed. They do a fantastic job at preparing you for college. We are a very diverse school and have a wide variety of technology at our fingertips.
Central York has so much to offer academically and extra curricular wise. Not just sports but music and art and small clubs that students can form themselves. The teachers are approachable and as a parent I always feel welcome.
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I liked the many different clubs and activities for students. They had an amazing music program where I was able to take two years of piano classes and four years of choir. Without their amazing music program, my high school experience would have been very disappointing.
Central York provided me with a great high school experience. All the teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about what subjects they teach. I have never had a bad teacher in high school. On top of this, Central has a huge focus on technology as every high school student is provided with a MacBook Air. This focus on technology is critical as in a modern world students must know how to easily use technology to succeed in furthering education in college and in the workforce. Central York makes sure every student is given an opportunity to succeed. Central York does this by creating opportunities for students that many other schools do not such as providing Internship Opportunities, tours of businesses, and having professionals in many different fields run programs to help students learn about their profession. Central York is focused on their students success in school and in the future.
I like the wide variety of classes that we have to choose from. A lot of other schools don't have the amount of opportunity that Central does. I liked the teachers too, they really get to know you and really help to ensure you know the subject.
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