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My experience at CWC is something that I will miss going to college. The teachers are people who truly care about the students and want us to learn the best way possible. The teachers welcomed me in when coming to high school and showed me that teachers are not just there to teach us something and give us tests. They are there to help us reach our goals and become the person we want to be after high school. They care about where we are going next and take that into consideration while teaching us. My short four years at CWC is something I will never forget and it is a place will thrive with how they are doing things to honor and glorify God.
CWC offered a safe and welcoming community to all students. Relationships between students and teachers were often very healthy and beneficial to growth as individuals.
Very inviting and comfortable. Teachers are always there to help in any way they can. You can always see God changing the lives on faculty and students.
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The most important thing for us was the Bibical view of education. Also parent involvement is so relevant. We love that the students are taught the importance of helping each other. If there is one thing that could be improved it would be AP classes for the high schoolers. Its a wonderful school but please remember it does have its issues that they deal with just like every other school but it is open to change and correction. We love it and encourage others to join us.
We feel so blessed to be able to send our kids to a school that builds on what we are teaching them in our home. We love CWC!
This school was the BEST decision that we as parents ever made! The staff and administration are top notch! Look no further, send your kids to this school!
CWC is a fantastic place to learn and grow! The academic preparation I received from the excellent teachers there prepared me to excel at the college level. Furthermore, all my teachers genuinely cared about my development as a student, person, athlete, and Christian.
Loving teachers, excellent teaching & God's word daily. What more could you ask for your child? As a former student, staff member & now parent, I wouldn't want my children anywhere else.
All of our children have been blessed by the experience of attending CWC. It's comforting as a parent to know my kids are being challenged academically but also being loved and cared for by teachers who are concerned about them spiritually. It's a great place, and we feel our CWC Family is an important part of all of our lives!
At first I bought that this will be the worst school around. With strict dress code and sheltered atmosphere, I did not fit in. After attending CWC for five years, I can see that going to this school was the best choice I made so far! The teachers are all about their jobs and they really care about students. Our school is like a one big family and it I should evident to see if you ever come for a visit.
Love the added lock security.
The teachers all go above and beyond to make sure that everyone understand what they are teeaching. They also make themselves available outside of class to help if needed. The high school teachers prepare every student for college in both their study skills and also life skills like running a family budget and balancing their checkbook.
The teachers will lead my children as I would.
I trust the teachers with my children.
There are policies and plans in effect to deal with unexpected situations.
While the selection may not be as large as at larger schools, there is a great variety, and anyone wishing to start up new organizations is encouraged to take on leadership of such.
I know my children are hearing the same things that I would be telling them if I could teach them myself.
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Teachers care and are willing to make accommodations when needed.
None of our kids has ever been cut from any team. Which makes this a great opportunity for our kids to get to learn how to be a team player. Because we are small, we are also able to work around schedules for kids to explore as many extracurriculars as they would like.
My kids are allowed to pray in school! They learn to care for the world around us and for their classmates. They get to learn about the world as God made it.
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