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Central Visual & Performing Arts High School Reviews

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CVPA is a good school especially if you want to fit in. There are different groups of people that are always there for you and it is a perfect fit for anybody.
I started CVPA my senior year. At first, I thought I would hate it because I was a new student. I had trouble at first with opening up to others and connecting with others but it go easier. I enjoy going to school there and adore all my friends that I have made. CVPA could improve there bathrooms and the way they go about their teaching. None of the classes are connected with teaching things.
My experience with Central VPA has been good. This school does well with letting students be who they want with out discriminating against them. Central accepts students for who they are and allows them to express their ideas. Students can have input on designs or decorations around Central. Something that could be fixed is the food quality and activities. Central could also have sports for those students interested.
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My experience with Central has been amazing. The academics are challenging, but the challenge is getting us prepared for college. Teachers and students are well respectful to one another and the school is an environment.
My experience at Central Visual & Performing arts was very open and fun. The teachers are very open and caring about their students and their school. Going to central really opened my mind to understand other kids that are not the same as me. After my 4 years of high school my confidence has open more to accepting myself and loving who I am as a person.
Central Visual & Performing Arts High School is a very diverse community. You can be yourself there at any point and time given.
I like how this school combines academics with arts. We don't have to stay focused on work all day. We can go to a teacher with a major that we enjoy and the teachers helps us achieve our goal.
The teachers are very understanding and they try their best to help you with whatever you need. The school is very open to anyone and everyone. Our school is very diverse and has great art classes.
I love being a student at Central VPA. I wouldn't want my high school experience to have been any other way. The faculty work very hard to make sure that the students are motivated and are encouraged to become the best we can be.
The environment was the most welcoming school environment I have ever experienced. The school truly feels like a family.
The staff is all wonderful, super helpful, and always understanding. The most talented students.
I came to CVPA when I was a sophomore and honestly I am glad I attended and graduated. This was my first time going to a visual and performing arts school and it was a very exciting experience. Being able to go to school for art was something I have always wanted to experience, not only did I get to see performances and plays, but I was also able to see flash mobs and even help paint murals on some of the unused lockers. This is an excellent school for any young visual and/or performing artist to go to and learn more about their craft and their future career.
My experience was very interesting because i didn’t believe i wanted to go i was only going for dance but i began to love the school more as i became invoked. It’s a great school and it’s a school where you can be who you are!
The overall atmosphere at central visual and performing arts high school is very warm and welcoming. The students and teachers are free to be themselves and express who they truly are. If I could change anything, I would create more diverse lunch options for those with dietary restrictions, to hopefully make the school as a whole a happier place to be for everyone.
Central VPA is a phenomenal school and I recommend it to anyone who is considering to attend. The atmosphere is very friendly and the teachers are invested in the children's education.

They always encourage you to join clubs as well as stay after school for mentoring if you need it. The school has a wonderful college adviser that works with the counselors to help students apply for colleges. They have the students apply for a community college first and have them look into at least 5 colleges they would like to attend.

I certainly recommend this to anyone interested in the arts.
I loved how diverse and unique the students were and accepting of all situations. Yet the administration could have been more involved and the students show a lot of hostility towards administration for no reason. The arts were not as appreciated as they should have been and the students lacked motivation which provoked unnecessary anger towards adults instead of themselves.
My name is Joe, and I attended CVPA from 2012-2016. While there l participated in numerous activities such as: majorettes, 3 choirs, band, and even performed in every musical the school was inspired by the year. I couldn’t have imagined meeting the friends, teachers, and the memories, have made at any other school.
Central Visual and Performing arts is all about the arts and academics sharing center stage, it's an amazing school to show off your creative skills and t
talents too.
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It was a a unique experience. The teachers care and really try to help you go in the right direction and having the opportunity to do dance, acting, music is a good thing.
Central VPA High School is a very interesting school, to say the least. It is very diverse in the type of people that go there, and there are so many personalities for the school to be as small as it is. Also, the performance aspect of the school used to be really amazing, but are now going downhill.
Everyone is welcoming, I did not have a hard time to finding friends. I was very quiet and reserved but the upper class brought me out of my shell. The teachers help me when I was failing terribly, and just overall no one wanted to see me fail. I felt that it was a great opportunity overall, there is no other school like central, everyone can act like themselves and not hide behind a front like being at any other school.
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