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The school has a large selection of classes and sports and most of the teachers actually work to make the classes interesting and informative. The school has a major problem with overcrowding, however, and this causes major problems for parking spaces, hallway traffic and blockages, and lack of seating for lunch.
Central Valley High School had a very student centered atmosphere. Many of the teachers and faculty had the best interests of the students in mind and were truly passionate about their work. Additionally, they have a wide array of extra-curricular activities to meet the needs and interests of all students. Overall, my experience was a very positive one. They do however need to make an extra effort to help gifted, ambitious, and hard-working students strive to maximize their academic experience by better educating them as to what advanced classes they can take.
Coming in as a senior, I was super nervous; However, my experience at Central Valley has been amazing! The atmosphere of the school is so welcoming. I love it!
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Central Valley High School is a massive building filled with opportunities to meet and make new friends as you go about the school day. There is a lot of diversity within the students and I think that's what helps make the school as a whole. Everywhere you look in the school is CV Bear pride and it truly unifies the school together. Central Valley has great study courses, the only thing I might like to see improved is the friendliness of some of the staff members. Other than that, I would highly recommend Central Valley High School to attend.
I moved to the school halfway into my sophomore of high school. It was very different than my last high school, but it was a good different. Even though it had 2,300 kids it was smaller. I am very shy, so the smallness helped a lot. Most of the people were very welcoming and friendly. I had a very great time at Central Valley. If I could change one thing it would be how they run classes. In order to graduate you have to have 24 credits. They have 6 class periods a day, so you have to fill every class every year, or most kids end up taking online, or early morning classes. They do this so that they are able to graduate. Changing how many classes a day would make it easier to have all the credits you need.
I always feel like I belong at CV. There are so many opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, and so many opportunities to find people that you're comfortable with. The programs are diverse and deep, from athletics to academics to fine arts. I always feel safe with the level of school security we have, not to mention the brilliant teachers and administrative team. Central Valley High School has made my teenage experience the best I can get.
Central Valley High School is a great school. We have great sports, academics and an all around good experience. I would like to see a change in the drugs and vaping part of our school, it got so bad my junior year that the administrators had to take the doors to the bathrooms off. Taking the doors off didn't help, we still have a huge problem with underage teens using drugs on school grounds. I would like to see the school try and figure out another way to get kids my age to stop putting bad chemicals in their bodies. Overall Central Valley High School is an amazing place to complete my high school career!
central valley is a very school spirited high school. at CV they are all about their sports and theater. they strive to make every kid welcomed and know that someone cares.
The school is welcoming and try's to get everyone involved in any way. They take pride in their programs they put on and and also in their sports. They want all their students to succeed and try to do what they can to help all the of them. I have had a few amazing teachers who have helped me grow as a learner and a person and they have impacted my life for the better. Thanks to those teachers I have been able to overcome learning obstacles my dyslexia puts in the way. Central Valley High School.
Central Valley High School has been a great experience so far. most of the teachers are great and have really helped me throughout my years in high school. The counselors are super nice and welcoming. I have been able to talk to my counselor about whatever I needed to and he would always help the best he could. One thing I would like to see changed is the parking lot. Adding another parking lot would really fix most of the parking problems especially in the winter and towards the end of the year when all of the sophomores start driving. other than that I love the school, staff, and I have made life long friends at CV.
I have enjoyed my years at this High School. CVHS is rated one of the highest preforming schools in the state and has very good athletics programs that I have taken part in. There are so many different clubs and activities at this school and the staff and students make sure that everyone has the chance to be included.
As I went into my freshman year of high school, I was so excited. However what I was met with, was a different story. This schools main focus is the athletics. This is where the majority of our funds went to and this is where things go wrong. I was threatened on various occasions by multiple other students, saying that they were going to physically hurt me. As I took this to the administration, no steps were taken to ensure my safety, let alone them even caring. The resource officer prances around like he is an actual cop and doesn't do anything when it is ever regarding his job. A group my peers and I worked on the same project and only one of us got a higher grade for the project, even though there was equal amounts work from every person. This school doesn't set you up for success, it sets you up for how to be in fight club. Not even this, but the amount of drug paraphernalia. You cannot walk into the bathroom without the smell of weed and different fruity flavors of vaping.
Central Valley High School is one of the best schools in the Spokane Valley area. From the students and staff to sports and community service it’s a great school to feel safe at. They look to work with the community a lot. Most teachers love what they do and students can tell!
What i like about Central Valley High school is that everything within the environment of the school feels better the majority of the people there are nice and know what they are doing for there education.
I loved my experience at Central Valley. It was one of the most rewarding academic experiences I have had so far. My teachers were fun and enthusiastic about teaching
I moved to Spokane Valley the summer before my first year of high school. I was able to make friends very quickly in the happy, welcoming environment. My school had so many opportunities to travel the country and even world! I participated in marching band my junior year, and we traveled to compete in California. Our school has a great marching band program, and even though it is a no-cut program at my school, we compete and win against all our surrounding schools. I also participated in a spring play theater production of Romeo and Juliet. A high school performing a Shakespeare play is no small feat. Our school performs two plays and a musical every year. Our theater program is well-know for it’s amazing productions! The staff at my school was amazing and loving and kind. I am so proud to have been a part of Central Valley High School and it’s amazing programs.
I loved Central Valley and the school atmosphere! Anyone who goes here never has anything bad to say about it and overall it was a positive experience for me.
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I loved working at Central Valley High School! I loved my co-workers, students, and just everybody around. I am going to miss the welcoming spirit of CV Bears next year. I will miss you guys! One of the most amazing things about Central Valley is the PE Staff! If you have Mr. Rehkow or Mrs. Butner you will love them! They really take the time to get to know every single student and they care about every single one of them! I didn't like the theatre program because the teacher and I didn't get along but the music and band concerts were amazing!
Central Valley has good opportunities for the students and their education, and they have great opportunities for sports/clubs/activities. The majority of the teachers are good and care about the students. Things I would like to see change revolve around the administration and how that affects the way the school is run.
I couldn’t be more happy with how my high school experience here was! I would not change one thing about it.
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