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Central Valley provides an amazing college program so that students can have the ability to gain credits before they go into college along with being able to take college classes as well! They have many opportunities to be involved with activities such as college field trips, along with camp trips to places like Yosemite!
I attended Central Valley High School from the year 2015 to 2019. It was challenging going to this high school because not many in the community had a positive opinion about the institution. I remember how CVHS struggled year after year to be a competitive force among the other high schools in the region. Since I'm not a sports fanatic, what I hoped to mainly get out of my high school experience were lifetime memories and a good academic background in the field that I was interested in. The certainty that I would get all of these things from a high school that not many wanted to brag about attending was challenged during my first year as a freshman. Before submerging too far, I looked to the seniors and wondered what it was that had made them stay. The school manifested a culture of persistence and stronger together that inspired me to stay there and made my experience all that more special. With this message, my class was able to give the school a distinguishing title.
I really like the environment that the school is based at. The teachers are all very welcoming and helpful and they help give me a better understanding of the courses and all in all, it's always a great time here at Central Valley.
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I have attended Central Valley High School for all four years. The sports are pretty amateur. There are great classes offered regarding advanced placement classes, however, the other classes lack an overall college readiness unfortunately. As for the administration, there are a few bad apples that sadly outweigh the bunch. Under a newer authority, rules have been forced too harshly and as a college connection student, I feel utterly marginalized.
Overall, my experience at Central Valley High School has been amazing and has helped shape me into the person I am today. When a lot of people hear about Central Valley they have a misconception of our school, since in the past it wasn't where it is today. However, what many people don't know about our school is that our academics are really good, and very we have a lot of advanced classes and duel enrollment even as a Freshmen. I am super involved at my school too. I am apart of two clubs, both where I am a leader of them which is Key Club and Jesus Club. Also, I am the Secretary of ASB (Student government), and I'm the script writer and co-anchor of the Falcon Weekly which is a brand new news show that we present every Friday to the school. If There would be anything to change at my school though it would be the school culture mostly. Lastly, it would also be the math and music department.
It's a pretty open minded school, not a lot of bullying or bias as far as I can tell, but it's not very much of a challenge. There have been a lot of changes going on since I've been there too, so not much consistency.
I liked that there was a block schedule, rather than a day filled of 6-8 classes. The faculty were nice and were always helpful when it came to academics or issues on campus. I met a lot of people there and was glad I went. Small campus, which made it easier to find where each of my classes were.
I've gone to Central Valley for three years and in that time I have seen a lot of improvement. The administration is very involved with students and the teachers are always ready to help the students as well. In the future having a commited Spanish teacher and offering more extra carriculars would be a nice advancement to our school.
I would like to see more diversity in the school. I also would like to see teachers be more encouraging towards students who are college bound.
The ag fabrication is lacking supplys to teach us kids how to weld properly. One of the secerity guards "nate" harasses us kids and drives a golf cart around the school whereever he goes like he owns his. The ASSISTENT prinible handles Everything and the princible does not handle alot of things a P.E. teacher and i quote said "your to fat to pass my class " to another student and the assistent princible has violated a students I.E.P right and did not get taken care of
The AP and Honors teachers often showed much care for their work, though the math department was troubled with problems. I found that the fellow students were okay if you were with the right ones. It's not a large school, so it isn't too hard to know the majority of your class mates.
This school needs to have a better screening process for some teacher. The good teachers (Nemchick, Barnes, Koerperich, Nagy, Duncan, Rueb, Kern, Kalsbeek, Fremo, Hayman) are excellent but the bad teachers are horrid (Bagoyan, Owens, Aluwahlia, Sramek). Thankfully, the teachers who receive negative reviews from students are heavily watched and many are fired.
Most of the teachers are great at what they do, but the staff don't really listen to the students suggestions, and the overall atmosphere is one of needing to get by, instead of wanting to better the students education.
My high school experience has been subpar. I would like to see a more accepting body of students, less prejudice, less bullying. I would also like to see more teachers employed, who actually want their students to succeed. I also wish the school population was more diverse and had more spirit. Lastly, a more diversified class selection would be nice.
I had a fantastic experience with CV's academics! Specifically, the AP program. The teachers in this program are phenomenal, they are really passionate about the subjects they teach and they are able to make jokes with their students while simultaneously taking their teaching seriously. Some of the best teachers I've ever had in my life are the AP teachers at CV.
CV is made up of a bunch of different personalities. The social experiences you have depends entirely on who you associated yourself with. For me, I had a completely great experience. Everyone was friendly, accepting and open to learn about new outlooks. Being black, I haven't ever experienced backlash at CV. But I know that there are other types of people there. It really just depends on who you say your friends are.
Most notable extracurricular activities are in the sports department. Many people do sports at CV. The clubs that I know of show various levels of commitment to their message. It's so-so, it all depends on who is in that club and who is running that club that year.
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I had a great time at CV! I really enjoyed their Multicultural Club, and I helped out with certain events. The staff is super friendly and the students are good to! You can see that the school is so welcoming because it's the place where the foreign exchange students in this area prefer to go! A girl from Japan told me that she preferred CV over another school because CV is more welcoming.
The teachers at Central Valley High are really great! They are engaging and adaptable. If you ever have an issue, you can simply ask for help and they'll give it to you. They are glad to answer any questions that you may have. They are also contactable outside of the classroom, they will give you their e-mail if you ever have questions about an assignment they'll help clarify. All in all, these teachers are super friendly, helpful and engaging, you can tell of their love for teaching.
They have added security cameras over the years and have increased the security rules to try and make it a safer campus. The school nurse is terrible as she doesn't really care for the students as well as she should.
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