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What I do love about Central Valley High School is their attentiveness to cleanliness (on the surface.) Hallways are generally clean, toilets are pretty alright, and I haven't seen hair in any food yet. There are problems with cockroaches though, especially in the girl's showers near the wellness center. Showers could use maintenance. The most effort they have put into ecological stuff is the Environmental Science classes, I would like to see some more effort put into making the school eco-friendly. Chorus program is sucky. Programs for anyone with mental disabilities are the minimum. Great test scores though.
Great school! Always pleased. Their Music education is top notch along with their marching, concert , and jazz bands.
The high school needs increased security and there aren’t many extracurricular activities that don’t involve sports
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Solid school but guidance group could use tech enhancements and the focus on football seems to trump other consideration. A reasonable balance should be maintained in all sports and academic clubs.
The school offers many great programs and many opprtonutnies for students. Students can recvieve education in many areas that most schools do not offer. We offer a variety of A.P. Classes.
Central Valley High School is a great school. There are many teachers who care and will help you with homework. I like this school because you get to pick which classes you want, but you still have to take required courses. This school has an amazing football field and team. We have many athletics to choose from including track, football, tennis, swimming, and more. We also have a cyber course for the students.
I liked the ability to take college courses at/through our local community college and our branch of Penn State. It allowed students and myself to get credits and work to our potential. However, we also had good programs for those who struggled or had different special needs. To expand upon that, we also have a special needs Bocce team and have won a special Olympics award due to the tolerance. We have multiple club opportunities. Our music program is supported by the administration. Things i wish would change would be an lgbt club so the lgbt members of the school to feel safe and an organization where kids could talk to peers about their problems anonymously. These can easily both be added.
Central Valley High School is a thriving school that puts an emphasis on usability. The school provides IPADS to all students to ensure that they will be able to do work either home or away. The school is very nice however the lack of airconditioning can make summer months seem a little hot but no too bad
Central Valley provides us with a great educational experience. The teachers teach us much needed knowledge that can be useful in our college readiness, as well as our future careers. The clubs and activities at Central Valley leave you with a feeling of pride and community!
It's an okay school. The classes are good and there is a decent diversity when it comes to class choices. The people can be annoying, but that's to be expected. The food isn't great but it isn't the worst. The best class there is band.
Central Valley high school is an excellent school. It has many course you can take including: cosmetology, military training, etc. These courses are at the vocational college in beaver. They go to this college to get experience with the career they want to pursue.
Overall it's a pretty descent school. There's just a lot of random nonsense and unreasonable things that happen here.
I like that the student body isn't segregated in such specific importance. You can roam freely from one group to the next and it not be different from the norm. I did not like how each teacher graded things and weighted things differently. Also, having teachers teach a subject that they aren't that good at themselves.
In my school people don't really get bullied. We have a very close school and people get along well. I think my school is very safe. There is always an armed officer and there is on way in our school and one way out. It works very well.
I love my school. My school is a mixture of 2 small schools combined. We were the first school in our area to "merge" and make a bigger school. We dominate in sports and we have a very good bond between the students and staff. My favorite experience in high school was traveling to Hershey, PA to the state football championship. I definitely would not attend any other school besides cv!! Go warriors!!!
I only have 3 classes a day so I only see 3 teachers. I believe the teaching staff at my school is moderate. Most of the teachers care and they try to get us students to succeed, but there are some teachers that do not do their job the correct way.
school nurse is useless. cant even give a Tylenol to someone with a headache

anti bullying club does nothing, people still bully & always will

we constantly have some idiot crying "bomb" in our school, which alerts police to come & disrupts our classes

we need more cameras everywhere & metal detectors
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not many clubs that are worth joining. ski club didnt even ski last year & i had to to join
some teachers are good, some not
I love the clubs and activities!!
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