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Highly prepares students for colleges. One of the best academic schools around. Now has an FFA program which offers this primarily ag attending school an opportunity for children to learn more about a field they might be leaning towards in the future.
I’ve attended CVC since 1st grade and had a bit of a rocky start. At this school, there are quite a few people belonging to the “Dutch crowd.” (Blond hair, blue eyes) This makes it a bit tricky to form friendships, if you aren’t one of them. If you get past that, CVC is probably one of the best Christian schools in the area. The leg-up CVC has over public schools is that, most of the time, teachers actually care about the student and take time to help them out.
My experience at Central Valley Christian Schools was very good. As a student I felt as though I received a quality education which helped me in my college studies. On campus the facilities were excellent and I was never worried about my safety while attending school. As a student athlete I was able to enjoy a variety of sports offered at the school. I enjoyed meeting others while playing on different teams which allowed me to grow closer to other students in different grade levels than myself. Overall I would have to say the diversity the school offers is very poor. Mainly Dutch students everyone for the most part knows each other either being family or family friends. I would overall though say I enjoyed my time here and would recommend this school to anyone.
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I was a transfer student to CVC. Its a great school for college prep, but definitely cliquish and difficult to make your way in if you haven't been there since pre-k.
It is a wonderful school. Great teachers and fantastic students. So blessed to have Central Valley Christian in our lives.
It is a small school, but the smallness makes for great personal community. All of the students know each other. Teachers have time to have one on ones with students and they are very personable. The teachers and staff are all great employees that genuinely care about their students and their education. Since it is a Christian school, students are able to freely have conversations about religion with their teachers and their peers.
My school is amazing! The teachers are incredible and are very involved with students. They genuinely care about our well being. They will do anything to help and watch us succeed. They prepare us for college and the real world in developing skills to defend our faith and expanding our intelligence. It has some downfalls, like any school, but it is very beneficial to most of the students that attend. Sports are amazing for the size of the school. Activities and involvement is great and there is lots of parent support.
We had two children enrolled from pre-school to high school at CVC. Our experience was overwhelmingly positive. It is a positive environment with a strong Christian foundation. The teachers and staff are excellent. My one child just graduated this year with high honors, fully prepared for college and on her way to a great future.
Central Valley Christian School provides top-of-the-line academics opportunities as well as involved, enjoyable athletics. Students and staff work together to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere to worship God and enhance learning.
CVC is an amazing community full of faithful followers of Christ. The teachers have a genuine care for their students and teach them things with eternal significance. You can feel God on campus.
My experience at Central Valley Christain Schools has been great. I love the way we are challenged academically and with our faith. They teach us how to enter the real world, not only faced with everyday events but with ways our faith will be tested.
I enjoyed going to CVC. The educational drive was great! The people were the problem I had. If you are looking for an excellent place to learn and can ignore the problems you potentially will face with the people then CVC is for you.
I enjoyed the school for the academics and the small group of friends that I made but if you were new to the school it was very hard to fit in. The academics prepared me for college
CVC has grown so much since I've been there, and programs have been expanded to include Ag Education and FFA, which is awesome. I had a great experience with the arts and music classes available, but more than anything: I made lasting friendships, was spurred on towards excellence by our devoted teachers, and was encouraged every step of the way by this incredibly supportive community. In addition to receiving a top-notch education, I was more deeply rooted in my faith because I attended CVC. Go here!
A very nice experience. The lack of diversity and lack of clubs was definitely a con, but as a whole, it was a good school. They really prepare you in Math, English, and Religion. Those are the subjects that stood out for me. It is a very supportive community that is devoted to God and glorifying him.
Central Valley Christian is a place of fellowship. As long as you work hard, this school will prepare you for the challenges ahead in college. The teachers are so kind and will go out of their way to help you on school work, college test, and even just to talk to you.
There are not that many extracurricular but the ones that we do have are very nice and fun to be a part of.
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I would let the students be a little more involved. My favorite experiences are participating in sports games because I love the competitiveness and rigorousness of the game. I would choose this school over any other because of their incorporation of religion.
The teacher's are very kind and thoughtful with the students. Their teaching styles make their lessons very understandable and allow the students to fully grasp the subjects explained. They are consistent with everything they do, especial their grading.
There are many extracurriculars available for the different individuals.
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