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I moved because when the classes are too big, its impossible to get extra help, or teacher one on one. Bullying was never taken seriously. Worst few years I had there. The merge was the worst thing the districts did, cant imagine if it were all four schools like planned.
it was a nice school where everyone knew everyone. The teachers and staff were friendly, and I have created a few friendships with most of the teachers I had. The kids are very nice, and it is a great community. It prepared me well for the future, and I am proud to say that's where I went to high school.
The school overall is pretty average. Some of the teachers care about your future and work to prepare you for it, but others couldn't care less. There isn't really a focus on being academically successful. Most students took the "easy way out" and joined the easiest classes for the easy-A. The Honors students weren't necessarily smarter, they were just more resourceful. Only a few students were really invested, only a few teachers were invested; it was somewhat of a joke, honestly. There is a great deal of diversity in the classes offered, though, but not much diversity in the students. There were a handful of after school clubs and they would go on some pretty cool trips.
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I've had a very good high school experience at Central Valley Academy. My most memorable experiences have to be the musical, chamber choir, trips to NYC and Washington DC. I also loved playing field hockey and having an internship through BOCES my senior year. The academics were pretty good but I could've worked a lot harder to maintain even higher results.
My school offers a wide variety of clubs and organizations to anyone who wants to participate. Its encouraged throughout.
I really enjoy my teachers. They are very helpful and really care about their students. They have a way of making learning fun.
This school really cares for and accepts every student..its a great school for my son to have attended...
The safety regulations are average at the building for students and teachers.
There is not always the best equipment for the sports teams, but they do offer a small variety.
The school is good, but the administrators don't always listen to the students or the parents. From my experience with an administrator that did listen to a student or apologize to the student when they realized they were wrong at the end of the school year.
The teachers do their best to help the students they know are having difficulty with the material.
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