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My experience of being a student at this school is very positive. This school has a positive environment where the majority of students and teachers are kind and helpful. I wish that Central had more opportunities to get into college like SAT prep classes, or more scholarship opportunities for underclassmen.
A school full of great traditions and great level of academics that gives you the feeling of succeeding and the sense of being part of a family.
What I liked the most was meeting new people and joining clubs. I really enjoy being part of the school and doing fun activities with my clubs.
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The atmosphere at CUHS is so friendly and amazing. However, our math department is poor. We have a high amount of students who fail math classes and we have teachers who do not perform very well but are kept around because they have tenure. CUHS has a very good science department though and teachers that will support and encourage students to do their best.
I loved the staff and everyone around me. The energy was always high and there was never a dull day!
I truly enjoyed my experience at Central Union High School because of how inclusive it is. Everyone feels at home at this school. The teachers are really great and I have learned so much from every single one of them.
Overall great experience. However in order to succeed students must take initiative to improve their own future.
I'm a senior and the past 3 years that I've been at Central have been great. I love going out to watch games and get in the school spirit that everyone has at Central. Most of the teachers are amazing and it's been really cool to have a teacher that can teach and be cool with the students at the same time.
I loved the spirit the school has, the athletic programs, and clubs. Not to mention the teachers are amazing. I've truly learned so much from my teachers.
I had fun at central union high school. They teachers are nice. They do a great job of keeping the school clean. Also there are many clubs for kids to join. Many teachers provide tutoring for kids that need the extra help. It’s a very welcoming campus.
The teachers are very kind and carrying. They make education very fun. Another reason I enjoy my school is becuase there is rarely bullying. There is a very friendly environment.
I like the school, nice campus. When it comes to having spirit for our football team, it is the best. We have plenty clubs that you could join such as Random Acts of Kindness, Pawsitivity Club and others. We have plenty of electives such as Ceramics, Photography 1, Graphic Design. It will always have a positive environment.
Central Union High School is an overall good school. It is rich in hispanic culture, due to it being located near the Mexico border, and the students there are overall genuinely warm hearted. You could say the food could use a little more improvements, but thats basically it.
I only had one other choice of High School where I lived so I made it a good time. I did sports, band, dated, clubs, and had lots of good friends.
It had some great teachers who were very interested in their students, who wanted them to learn and be ready for college and work. But some were careless, thought only of themselves, and set unrealistic goals. One teacher even forced students to sign a void contract, that forced students to not drop his class, a contract that students didn't realize they didn't have to abide by because teachers are not allowed to make such contracts.
The school is located in a low income area with the majority of parents not having a high school diploma. However the environment in school is friendly thanks to our staff and teachers. In addition, ASB has done an exceptional job making everyone feel welcomed at school and have fun with all the spirit weeks held once a month. On the other side, there is a lot to be desired on academics due to there not being many electives or AP classes to choose from. Some teachers do a great job engaging the students into the topic while others struggle in teaching since there method of teaching is classical and bland. In response, the school is now going to offer duel enrollment opportunities to those students who want to get college credits and is hiring new teachers. Overall, Central Union High School is a good school although it may have its quirks and flaws.
I started central union my sophomore year after recently moving to el Centro From Indio. I didn't know anyone I didn't have any friends either so I thought I was going to be a hard year. Turns out I was wrong, the first day I made a group of friends who three years later are still my friends and are there for me. I really enjoyed the three years I was there. The staff, teachers, and students are really friendly they make you feel welcomed. What I love the most is the school spirit they have, especially during football season and the bad.
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I attended Central Union High School my four years of high school. The academics at Central are better, because the school has added a greater variety of classes such as Forensics. The school has also started to allow students to add college courses to their schedule while taking high school classes which is a great idea for college readiness. Central has installed cameras around camus that help reduce bullying.
I love the environment and the wide range of diversity in both the staff and students. I would like to see a change in the food served at this school and the range of classes offered to students.
I liked that Central offered many activities such as sports and clubs that could be joined. In addition, Central offered many classes that could be taken by each individual.
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