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I have been at this school for 13 years when I graduate and I couldn't have pictured or wanted a better place. the students are amazing, they always welcome new people, the teaching here is great, the teachers are always willing to help you and see you succeed, and the events we have such as S.T.E.M., theatre, etc, are just so much fun, in fact, I am the president of our stem club. Like I said there is no better place to be. than at Central Texas Christian School.
Overall a good school. Cares more about sports that academics. I love the teachers! They care a lot for all the students. Mrs. Reed is the best teacher of all time.

I wish the Administration cared less about sports. Too much money goes to football and not enough goes towards academics. My senior year we were still using English book from 1996.
Central Texas Christian School is an excellent college preparatory school that focuses intensely on academics and establishing a firm relationship with God. While the school is small, the school spirit is large and energizing (just come to a home football game and see).
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I like that the teachers are willing to help you in anything and everything. They will stay after school to help you understand the assignment.
I started attending CTCS in the 5th grade. I was the "new kid." The "new kid" to a school with kids that had been with each other since Pre-K. But right away, they accepted me. They made me feel welcome; from the teachers, to my peers, to administration. They opened me with welcoming arms and love. I felt safe. Since attending CTCS, I have developed my own mindset. Growing up I did what others said and I cared GREATLY about what others thought of me. But CTCS helps students develop their own mindset and a huge level of confidence. CTCS is more than a school. It is a family. It is home. When I embark from CTCS, it will be one of the most challenging things I will ever have to do. I have become so attached to it and the generosity the school has.
The teachers there taught their subjects to the best of their ability, and they were Christ focues in all that they did.
CTCS is a great school! Everyone is so open and friendly, and the academics are challenging too. The sports program is very well done and pushes athletes to be the best they can be. Along with excellent academics, CTCS focuses on training students to become leaders and beneficial workers in society.
Excellent college prep school. Christ-Centered and unapologetic of it. Great teachers and excellent leadership in place at both upper level and lower levels. Leadership supports excellence across the board in both academic, fine arts and athletics. Recently installed gorgeous new Baseball/Softball fields, some updated facilities have been done and are in the works for all programs. Some amazing new hires along with long-term teachers who are fantastic and really prepare your students for college. Quality environment. Highly recommend.
Central Texas Christian School is a very good school academically, it offers challenging courses that prepare students for college. The facilities that the school offers are very nice.
My time at CTCS has impacted me greatly and will help me with my future tremendously.
All teaching staff is exxcellent. Each one care and love for all the students.
The teachers really care about the kids. Most teachers also have students that attend. The teachers have either been there for a long time or are new, not much in between.
The school takes health and safety seriously and is proactive.
Most kids participate in the different athletics and all are welcome.
The retreat program is great along with the curriculum.
There is no critiques about health and safety...
There are astute teachers and staffs here...
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Teachers are super friendly and knowledgeable
School has done a lot in the last year or so to improve campus security (though there has never been any issues, thank God). They've installed camera's and a secure entrance point for visitors.

Bullying hasn't been an issue for our kids at all.

The lunch program is only meh, but our kids bring their lunches.
Not bad for a small school. Winterm is great.
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