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Central Tech Career & Technical School Reviews

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In Central Tech, I had a great experience through all 4 year. School is so great and teachers are just so helpful. We had A and B days class. In A day we have specific class and in B day different. we have 2 to 3 classes per day then shop class. Shop class is where we have like major. Such as nursing and bussiness. Everything about this school is great and its really helpful for colleges and your major. Things that i wanna improve is that we dont have good lunch. Cafeateria is small and food arent that good. Only thing i could improve is lunch.
Central Tech was a home to me. It was a place where I always felt welcomed and loved. I enjoyed working on many projects with students and teachers. Every project was an adventure, each thought me a lesson. I wil forever cherish the memories made there throughout the four years. What I wish that would change is the way it looks. What I mean by that is it needs remodeling. It is a very old building which isn’t a pleasant view to look at. But even in those circumstances it still holds a very special place in my heart.
My experience was Exciting, lovely , wonderful , sometimes horrible, nice friends who are with me till now and I expect they ll be in future too. I got a nice relationship with nature as I was introvert . I always miss my high school days . They were awesome, enjoyment with friends, love stories and all honesty I would change the practice of homework. It should be given to improve/ enhance learning vs. Be a grade booster
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Central tech was a great school because you have the opportunity to learn a trade/career that can land you a good paying job while in highschool or right after graduation. I graduated in 2016 and the only thing i would say needs improvement is getting more help especially for a student like me that takes longer to learn algebra because im not proficient in math. Majority of the teachers will try to help you if you ask for extra help and make them aware youre struggling which is a benefit.Plus when i was attending they gave you the chance to do credit recovery so you wouldnt be behind it requires effort and its time consuming but its a great opportunity to finish school on time with your class. The highschool offers great career choices. Thank you for your time, hope my review was helpful.
The school has a variety of opportunities and a diverse student ratio which is very nice. The environment in the school is very equal and fun. The school events and schook spirit are also a big plus.
This school is cool foreal, everyone here is nice and we don't have to wear school clothes, but the school spirit is trash foreal but other than that there's little to no fights and we be cooling here.
sine I attended this school it's been great for me, teachers were very helpful throughout my high school years some more than others but overall the teachers do their best to help you succeed in life.
Most teachers at this school are very friendly and motivated to get students to the places they need to go. Although the teachers can be friendly, there are some who really show tough love and get students prepared for the real world. Students appreciate that here because without teachers there is no motivation to succeed in life and for that I Thank you .
it was okay could be better
i created my own club it was great
it was a good school. i learned a lot
i felt very prepared for college
Honors classes and regulars are offered here. Basically a student is classified as a honor student or a regular. There aren't any other options.
I feel somewhat prepared to postsecondary education. However, the school should have had more prep like courses.
Teachers can be rated as high quality. Some have been around for years, which relaxes us to believe that they know exactly what they are doing.
There is a great emphasis on policies and rules to be followed by the student body. The administration does a good job in catching students out of uniform. Very rarely, students get to "slide".
Law enforcers are always on their toes when it comes to dealing with fights and other misunderstandings amongst students. This gives a sense of relief to the rest of the student population.
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My experience was great. Many memories and friends are made just in four years. These mamories will last a lifetime. If I could, I would do anything to go ahead and live through it all over again.
Sports are a vital part to a student, because being physically fit is important. The school provides many various options for sports. The most important part is to enjoy a physical activity. It is not always about competition and winning.
Food is amazing, definitely edible and enjoyable. Aside from a few unsatisfying meals, one for sure cannot complain about the variety of options provided for the student population.
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