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Upon enrollment you are hoisted onto one of two tracks: the advanced students and the "normal" students. As I was totally average, I got a mixture of these classes. I remember doing the bare minimum to pass my courses as I knew I was simply going to community college anyway and that's where the real work would be. I went from graduating with a 2.7 (unweighted) to a 3.8 in college. I am one semester away from my Bachelors. In short, attending here felt like an unpaid job and I gave it as much effort.
I like Central Senior High School environment because it’s very diverse and the students are really nice. The teachers and Coaches care about us. Things I would like to change is the school building because it’s pretty old.
Would I like to see change at central is closing the achievement gap. 5e more you go into higher level classes the less you see diversity. I hope to see central invest more into students that need more help in accessing resources.
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Central is often referred to as being “two schools”: one being the accelerated track with a lack of diversity, and the other being regular classes which are far more filled with people of color and students with behavioral challenges.
While central may have a rep, they have excellent academic programs and teachers that are willing to stay after school and help. There have been fights yes, but I have never felt unsafe in school. The school also has an amazing music program that many people participate in and many people in the music program tend to participate in ap classes.
Central Senior High School was both a home and overall an after school adventure with challenges that gave me so much strength and helped me grow to be part of who I am today.
It pushed me to the best student I could be, helped learn about Post secondary enrollment which gave me a head start in my college career
My experience at central is pretty good. I haven’t been mistreated or anything like that. The school also have programs that could help you with college stuff. Even if you not on a program the school also send you emails through your school email about college and others important announcements.
Central High School provides great oppertunities for community involvement and college readiness. The staff always puts forth effort to ensure the safety and learning of students.
I have had the opportunity to meet people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise while attending Central. This is a school filled with people from all varying backgrounds with different perspectives, and that is definitely something I can appreciate about the school. There are groups in Central that care very deeply about the betterment of the Central community and the Twin Cities as whole. Everyone cares about our state and our classmates, and I find a lot of passion in Central; passion for learning, passion for growing, passion for changing people's lives for the better. Attending Central has contributed to me growing into a well-rounded person who knows how to strive for their goals and ambitions, all the while remaining kind and supportive of others.
People are nice and teachers are helpful to those in accelerated classes. However, those in non-accelerated classes are often left behind in terms of academics and teachers are not always very understanding.
The teachers are very nice and very thoughtful. The academics is excellent. There's a variety of classes that you can take.
Central is an academically strong school. If you are smart and have aspirations, this school has the courses, course load, and competition for you. The school is very divided, which can be good or bad. A lot of the times, the school is divided by the band kids, theater kids, really smart kids, etc. There's always the one really popular group in every grade, just like at every high school.
Central is a great academically and in sports. I’m very glad that I came here rather than going anywhere else. I made many friends and have since learned how to better myself for others. I don’t know what makes this place such a great and loving environment but that’s what I love about it.
Central High School is an excellent public school in the Saint Paul School District. It has excellent academics with both IB and AP courses available and 6 different language learning opportunities. Our sports are fairly good and there are many other high quality extra curricular activities available.
They lie about the quest program and tell you its IB classes but its credited to your transcript as regular courses. Teachers play favorites and staff never works with students, along with people smoking weed in the stairway.
well the soccer program is very good they went to state and that was one of the biggest things in our soccer programs because it's been over 15 years since we been to state.
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I love Central Senior High School because of all the great activities, clubs, and academic options there are. Central High School engages in many extracurricular activities such us service and leadership programs, sports, and competitions for all academic classes.
The people here are great, and a few of the teachers are amazing, but there definitely a lot of bad teachers too. It’s really up to dumb luck if you’ll get an easy or hard teacher and that can be frustrating.
Central High School has a very diverse community. No classroom is solely just one race, there is always a mixture. There are a huge variety of classes offered at Central and some are quite challenging. The classes are often harder than the AP/IB test students take at the end of the year.
The only thing I would like to change about Central would be the appearance on the inside and outside.
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