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Horrible administration. Teachers ok. If you grew up in the town you are accepted. Not a lot of activities to choose from. Terrible drug problem. Three suicides in three years.
I believe that Central High School was a great environment to grow up into a young adult. There were classes offered to gain college credits while still being in high school. The staff are friendly and truly care about you as a person and not only a student. One thing I truly loved about this school was that there were so many activities to be involved in, even in such a small school. It was a great environment to further my education and become a well rounded person.
Being able to choose between a wide variety of activities at our school makes it a great way to enjoy high school
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The athletic groups in my school are very competitive making it enjoyable to participate in sports
The teachers in my school could be more patient with some students.
Bullying is a big issue and has claimed the lives of two students in one year. The school was extremely affcted and broken afterwards. Also, a student had died due to a drug overdose I believe three years later. I have brought cyberbullying to the schools attention and they said there was nothing they could do about it because it was off school grounds and after school hours.
The dress code has some issues. If two girls were wearing shorts that were too short, for example, one would be sent home to change but the other wouldn't. I understand there needs to be some rules, but students should be treated equally and the rules shouldn't be as strict.
Being a small German town, most students are white. Therefore, there is minimal diversity within the student and faculty.
I had a great experience here and I'm glad I was able to stay at Central. If you keep your grades up, are involved in sports/activities, you will be able to succeed and do very well.
There have been many changes in the lunch menu due to Michelle Obama's recent campaigns. With those changes, the portion sizes have become smaller and I know this is a problem for some of the football players and wrestlers who eat a lot and need the food before games.
I have had a great experience with the teachers at my school. Some of them weren't the best at teaching their subject, but I was sure to go in during study hall or before class to make sure I fully understood the material.
As the years have gone on, more and more students are becoming involved in superfanning or coming up with themed games. The fan support makes the players have more fun and enjoy the game, even if they aren't necessarily winning.
I was involved in many activities throughout high school. I feel that students can find one or multiple clubs/sports/activities to join that will fit their specific needs.
Since it's a small school, I wasn't exposed to as many unique classes as larger schools. However, it was nice to see that change in college. I was prepared for the workload that college presents and the degree of rigor.
I love Central. It's a small town school in a very tight-knit community!
The food isn't bad, but it's not great. There's always a lot of fruits and veggies, but not always a large enough portion of the main dish.
Our principle and the people in the guidance and high school offices rock. They are very reliable and helpful.
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Not that many people care about school spirit. We have a lot of great sports teams, but nobody cheers them on.
Our teachers will help students with any issue they have (personal or school-related). They care about everyone, and they want us to learn.
The opportunities here are endless! With a small town, you can join any club/sport/activity we offer.
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