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I would like to see the teachers more involved with the students and higher test scores from the students.
My school's heatlh and safety policies are pretty well .
The school has many different extracurricular activites . Many people go to them and have fun
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What makes this school unique is everybody is so friendly . they never make u feel differently about on
Teachers at my school are very intelligent . They do anything necessary to make sure that we be students understand what we are doing . Communication about school work and anything they feel that they should speak with you about is something they never lack . Each teacher however has their own style of teaching , some teachers break it down and orher teachers will do individual group teaching sessions . Grading is very consistent , every grade we get goes into the grading book and they show us progress reports all the time .
The health and safety here is excellent, the school nurses are very nice and helpful , the health programs and services are very informative.
The extracurriculars here are very accommodating to each students schedule.
My overall experience at Fort Valley has been a great one, the people here are so helpful .
The teachers at Fort Valley State are very helpful and they always try to make sure you understand the lecture.
our school is pretty good but were being remodeled
some teachers try harder then others on giving the student a good chance at passing the class they need.
our school makes sure that bullying doesn't happen my school try there best to make sure all students are safe.
I enjoyed my time at this school its been a experience that I will never forget.
I do not eat food at my school because it doesn't look like it would be good
we have a pretty good hold on bullying or dress code issues or anything elses.
the teacher at my school care if we have a education or not or if we graduate on time
at my school sports isn't really a big deal. our football team doesn't win many games but we do try at least.
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