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My four-year experience at Central School has been OK. I have gained a love hate relationship with my high school. I love that the school is very close and a family because of the size, which allows me to receive help basically anytime i need. Although, I do dislike the disorganization; constant schedule changes, moving both rooms and teachers. Also, I have had a different guidance counselor each year and that made it difficult to build a relationship with them. I love my school, but I do wish it could improve on a few very important things.
Central school was a much better environment than my previous school Pace High. Granted Pace had all the resources and better equipment but Central had the better atmosphere. The teachers had a better connection with you and cared more about you passing the class than just there to give you a grade.
I love Central! When I'm here at school I feel like I have another family that cares about me. My teachers tell me that I'm their second child. I like coming to school on most days. The teachers are really sweet and they take time to help others that need help in class on assignments and homework.
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It’s a poor school with a bunch of rednecks. It is exactly what you would expect. But there are a few teachers who are extraordinary.
So far what I like about Central is how easy and laid back it is. Also I like how small the school is.
Very friendly school. People welcome you. I liked how some of my teachers told their class how it's going to be and how they expect it to be like during the school year. Most of all, I'd like the teachers to care more for the students, their grades and compliment the students on how well they do in class. I'd like the teachers to teach middle school students to do better and study more for tests, help their parents to get involved with studying for tests and exams.
Central is an overall great school. The teachers are always there to help you with work or even if you have problems at home.
A lot of drama and bullying
There isn't many clubs to chose from because the school is small
The school is small so everyone knows everybody and basically grew up with them.
My school is small so we had the same teacher multiple years.
I love this school because I grew up in it. I changed into an adult and I matured in many ways. I met some great friends and I also met some people that made me a stronger,wiser person. I love cheering on my small cheer team of 7 girls. I'm glad I can have a family and a team as well as cheering on my closest friends. My school is unique because of the people that attend and the memories we make together.
Like i sad the teacher are related and sometimes distracted.
Its decent but could be better with more funds
My bus ride is nearly 2 hours long!!
Other schools have better stuff than us.
We could have more programs to make it more diverse.
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I've had a decent experience even though we don't have many programs to participate in.
I believe that the administration can be one sided and not really hear the student out. When a teacher assumes that it from there. Its also has to many family ties, a husband and wife work there as well as the husbands mother. Every faculty member is also pretty much related.
The faculty is great, I love my school.
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