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Racists. Counselors will not help with bullying. Got police involved then they cared. They need to hire more caring individuals.
Central Regional High School has been able to change many young individuals lives for the better. They have been able to included many programs to reach for all different age groups, and enlist certain individuals to help mentor children who need help. They also have a partnership with Georgian Court University which created the Humanities Academy which is able to give you free college credits. They also have embedded courses with Ocean County College (OCC) and a Jump Start Program with OCC as well which gives children the option to start and get college credits. As well as the VOCS program, all these opportunities have been able to promote student success at this high school.
Classes were fine. There are some ridiculous rules that are enforced though. People there are not always friendly.
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Central Regional was a great high school to go to. The teachers really care about their students and their successes.
I had a good experience at Central Regional High School. I liked the environment and felt comfortable learning there every day. I had some excellent teachers that went above and beyond to make sure their students got the most out of their class and others who were average and just taught by the book. The one thing I would change or make better is the organization by the administration. The sports programs were good, but could always use improvement. Overall It is a good school.
It’s what you make it. You can join a lot of things or do nothing at all. You can try your hardest in class or completely flunk. I’ve only seen one teacher really care about his students enough to get the ones that don’t care to care. Honestly it’s mediocre in food, safety, academics, and overall. Administration needs help, though, they definitely aren’t doing us any good. Most teachers are pretty nice and willing to work with you if you try but they need to get paid more. Students are big on popularity contests. Student government is a joke. Tbh this school is kinda a joke. I go through day to day personally almost robotically. Go to the same classes, learn the same material, deal with the same people. Boring. I can’t wait to graduate and get outta here.
I like how close and friendly i am with teachers and peers. There is all levels of academics from rigorous courses to simple ones. The school is clean and kept nice. It is a safe environment that prepares you for college.
Central was just like any other typical high school. We had teachers that were good and were liked and we had teachers that were not as good and we disliked. The one thing they need to fix is the administration. They find the easy way out, and the certain policies they go about during the board of education meetings is outrages. They make little to know sense and they even do certain things that are illegal in the educational field. Other then that all in all it is an average based type of school.
It was a great place to get many different experiences and opportunities. Teachers, counselors and staff members are all caring and loving to the students. It would be nice to hire more workers to have a healthy cleaning environment for students.
As any high school graduate would say, the teachers were great but the students sucked. The accedemic curriculum provied by this school was amazig, with many classes to choose from to beat your path to a bright future. The overall experience at this school was absolutely lovely and i would love to return.
I have been in the Central Regional School District ever since the beginning of middle school and I believe it has been an excellent experience. Our school has so much school spirit and the academics are great. I am involved in the humanities academy which is a dual enrollment with Georgian Court University and it has been the greatest choice I have made and I am very glad that my school provides this opportunity for my peers and I.
It is a nice school. There is more that could be done to make it better. Some teachers weren't so great and I think that they need to focus more on academics and getting us ready for college.
The Facility is very nice, Brand New foot ball field/track. The sports programs are very good. although i feel the school could deal with certain situations in a better manner than they could, and there are some teachers who probably shouldn't be
High-school is great only if you choose to make it exciting and extravagant. Personally, I feel like high-school is a place where I can interact with people my age and learn all at the same time. Clubs, sports and extracurricular classes also enhances my high-school experience. Of course there are also things that could improve. For example, the amount of time they give us for lunch is barely enough. Perhaps block-scheduling could be better for us to take extra classes. Considering better materials such as textbooks would help our learning process. Overall, Central Regional High School has been a wonderful experience in my life.
I go to school, and some of the kids are friendly. Some of the staff are friendly. But trust no one because people will play you. Staff members will not do anything if kids are hanging out in the halls or making out in the halls. The students act like they are better than you. If you make a friend, be surprised. Kids technically rule the school. The roof leaks when it rains, to the point we need to put buckets out. The school isn't always warm or cold. Sometimes the heat breaks. The computers are out dated. The entire school needs to be fixed.
It was an average experience. Nothing special. Sports seem to be a big priority. Can't complain about overall experience
I enjoyed my time at Central Regional High School. I thought the faculty was very nice and extremely helpful. It was a diverse school with activities for everyone to enjoy. The environment was positive and the administration was effective.
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Dr. P really puts his heart and soul into this school. I feel like every time I visit, it is updating and progressing forward for the students.
Central always felt like a place that I belonged. When I first moved into the district in the 7th grade I had no friends and no idea what I was getting into. But sooner rather than later I was welcomed by both the faculty and students and am happy to have graduated from the district and have my sister graduate from there as well.
Overall if you are an honor student you will succeed. If you are not, it is more difficult to get into a decent college.
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