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I have gone to Central Private since pre-k, and my experience here has been great. The teachers care about the students and their grades, along with their well-being. The cafeteria food is fantastic. Our athletic program here is excellent, and many students are involved.
Central Private School is surely one of the best schools in the district whenever it comes to their teachers and coaches. Some of the students are quite rude, but that comes along with every school. If you're looking for a small school for your kid to go to that is both academically and athletically proficient, look no further than CPS. The school does lack sports such as swimming, rugby, and volleyball, though.
I love the family environment of Central Private. Central Private also offers many AP courses that are giving me a head start for college. I also have had many new sports opportunities while at Central Private. Whether you or your kids are just starting high school, or Pre K-3, I think the Central Private atmosphere is very welcoming and you will feel at home!
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As a student at Central Private I feel like I am part of one big family. The students and teachers here are so welcoming and pleasant to be around.
Its a good school. CP is just a big family. I love it here. I would never ever leave Central Private because I always feel at home here.
I have attended Central Private since fourth grade, and I plan to graduate from CP next year. My experience here has been good overall! The teachers really care about their students, and they do their best to prepare us for college.
Our son loves the personal attention and the family like atmosphere. We love the Christian aspect that is evident in the everyday life of students from the classroom to field for sports.
Central Private has gone through a great amount of diversity over the past couple years. The flood in August of 2016 greatly impacted our school. We lost our gym, school, and our cafeteria. Losing everything that you have grown up with at school can really be a set back. To this day we remain in temporary buildings and have a plastic gym floor. The adversity from the flood has not only made Central Private become closer as a family but also made me stronger as a person. The teachers at Central Private still managed to come to school everyday with a smile on their face and ready to teach the students. Having such a positive outlook in the classroom made it easy to learn and be focused. Being a part of the basketball and track team at Central Private as also made me feel even closet with my classmates. Overall, my school has a great faith based family environment that I will always cherish throughout life.
I have attended Central Private for nine years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I love the family atmosphere that the school has, and the small class sizes make it easy to make a connection with your teachers and peers. I appreciate the Christian foundation that it provides. I would love to see more Christian values integrated with the curriculum and technological advances.
I have been at Central Private since the sixth grade, and I could not have asked for a better high school experience. The faculty and staff are always looking to help the students have a better future.
Central Private has been like a second home to me. After attending school there myself growing up, I now have a child in elementary and could not be more pleased with the level of education. Reading chapter books and learning advanced vocabulary word (which they are tested on) in 1st grade.
New administration every couple of years. This school is run by a board. The administration takes orders from the board. Raising tuition every year. No parent involvement. No parent / teacher conferences. All kids are put on the same level. No teacher raises. There are better options out there for your kids.
Couldn’t ask for a better administration abs teaching staff for my kids. They’re miles ahead of other kids in our area in the same grade. Fantastic school!!!!
I'm highly educated and have a second family.
The school is in great condition with a lot to offer
the counselor takes every situation seriously.
every club is dedicated and go the extra mile.
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We have never had any health or safety issues here.
The teachers are like family to us.
They are very family oriented and let you know every little thing possible. There are literally no surprises. I personally love being constantly informed. :)
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