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CPCA is an amazing school built with pride and love. It has been an amazing experience to create friends and step out of my comfort zone to take risks and find myself as a person. I have become very outgoing and gained a lot of responsibility for my daily life. The teachers put in a lot of effort into helping their students learn, including them in activities, and helping them be more comfortable with their classmates. I've developed this very positive way of thinking that has helped my mental health. This school gives off a superlative feel and an educationally focused environment. Changing one thing about this school would possibly be the amount of electives available for students and the amount of extracurricular activities. There's not many clubs or sports and most students would love to have an in school activity that will help them become more active in school. Overall this school has been my best experience in all my high school years and i am proud to be a senior white tiger.
Central point Christian academy is best Christian school your child could attend. This school helps children with the encounter with God and they could learn and experience new things. I’m a senior in this school and I’ve been in this school 5 years and I really enjoy being in this school. All the teachers are nice to the students and they also make time for your child if he/she doesn’t understand work. You should bring your child to CPCA because they would learn so much and they will also have fun with many activities but mostly they will get connected with God in the mornings, when we have chapel.
If your interested in a school that focuses on American based sports like Basketball,Baseball, and Volleyball this is the place. Looking for a Christian School?, CPCA is the place for spiritual revival.
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I've been with the school for 4 years and it has been a blast. I like it very much!!!
I hope we can have more field trips and have fun.
I have been a student of Central Pointe Christian Academy for five years now. I started in the seventh grade, and currently, I am a senior. The school has changed a lot in these five years that I have been there. I started with around 60 other students K-12 all in one campus. Now CPCA has four different campuses around Florida. CPCA has grown a lot throughout these years. My experience in Central Pointe has not been the best. My first year attending this school was great, but now as a senior I have not enjoyed being a part of the school. I recently realized that not everyone is treated the same. The education level on the school is very low; I did not learn as much as I should have. Every year that I would go back into the school, all of my favorite and least favorite teachers were gone. I would feel like every year I transferred to a new school.
Not good. It’s just not a good school in the one purpose schools are supposed to exist, education. Very few teachers that can teach and the rest not good. They focus on sports to much and not enough in education.
I have in been in this school ever since I was in 9th grade. Everyone working and studying in this school all became like a family to me. There was never a time a teacher would not help me out with curriculum. The principal was always a big help as well. She was always there for me with guidance and understanding in matters.
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