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Central Park East High School Reviews

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academically challenging + staff supportive and principal engaged in community + they offer you to many programs and have some in the school
CPEHS is an okay isn't the best, but it definitely helped me obtain numerous programs considering their alliance with College Board Initiative (CBI), Girls Inc. , College Now Courses, Minds Matter, SEO Scholars, OppNet, etc. :)
I felt that I didn't get the help I really needed throughout the years that I was attending the school.
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I was a transfer student so I started attending Central Park East High School during my sophomore year. I was scared that transitioning from one school to another was going to be difficult. However, my first days in CPEHS was the total opposite. I began making friends right away and transitioning from one class to another class was very easy. One thing I would like to see more is probably more college counselors because as of now, there is only 1 main college counselor and I know how stressful that can be for both the students as well as the college counselor.
These past four years have been amazing here at CPEHS. It is academically challenging and full of supportive and compassionate staff. All the teachers here actually care about each individual student and it shows.
Central Park East fosters an environment where all students are capable of doing well with the rigor of the courses this high school has to offer. Central Park East has over 5 AP courses available for students to take, which prepares them for college level courses they will take in the future.
Central Park east high school is a great school the teachers are very supportive and want you to do your best in life. But could use more funding in the school.
It has a diverse class which whom you can make interactions and learn new things whether it’s about a culture or beliefs. It provides AP courses and college classes that can be transferred to your college when you graduate.
I like how Central Park East is a small school. This allows us ( the students) to build a close bond with administration and the teachers. Students are able to feel at home and feel safe in this school and that’s something I’ll always love about it.
I really enjoy going to this school, I live in the Bronx and the travel time is not that bad and I always get to school on time. There is many things to do around the area in case I want to hang out after school with my friends.
When I first found out I was going to this school, I cried tears of despair as I had forgotten that I had even applied. As a class of 2019 senior, I look at that moment somewhat fondly as my experiences completely contradicted my negative expectations. Although a bit crowded and with some students who may not be the most motivated, the school is a diamond in the rough. With motivated teachers and staff, a plethora of college resources and support, and a tight-knit community, CPEHS provided me with an enriching high school experience that I don't regret in the slightest. The only potential downside is the crowded hallways and the, well, developing academic mentality amongst the students.
I really liked the support that many teachers provide. I felt safe in this school because security is always around. I just wish to see more art classes and programs in the school.
The teachers are okay and you'll learn as long as you do the work but the kids are different and I MEAN IT! They do waayyy too much.
It was a great experience with teachers that are interested in seeing you succeed. The overall culture of the school is nice and comforting especially if you are opened minded.
I enjoyed the atmosphere. When I attended the school was beginning to offer more challenging classes, which prepared me for harder coursework in college.
CPEHS is a great small high school where us students get a lot of support from the very start so that we can be successful in high school and be prepared for college. It’s very rare to see fights at the school and the environment is very nice and friendly.
It’s a great small school in which students and staff are able to build a strong community. Students are given the resources needed to prepare themselves for college and I can honestly say I made a great choice in selecting this school.
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Central Park East is a great high school. Though it’s small and not extremely diverse, it has a lot to offer to kids. They are all about college readiness. The college readiness I went through in Central Park East prepared me for college.
Has a great college acceptance rate and lots of teachers who dedicate their time to students. Lots of sports conjoined with other schools and clubs/activities to join. The administration is very caring and caters to the needs of both parents and students very well. No fights at all. No dress code, no metal detectors, and school starts at 9 am.
I'm a rising senior at CPEHS and I do love the school. I will admit, at first I felt out of place. The culture of the school is pretty different then what I was used to- however, the school has a lot to offer, even if they are small. They're partners with great organizations like Oppnet and SEO, and they have fun activities throughout the year, such as PGC fun night, game night, etc. They have a plethora of clubs and many of the teachers are easy going and care for their students.
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