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Central Noble Jr.-Sr. High School Reviews

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The school is small, under 700 children, the class sizes are small, and the students and faculty are friendly.
My high school experience is anything typical of a small town school. Full of drama and bullying, but unity is something that has been focused on as of lately. I enjoy the connections with teachers and how the small town comes together for sporting events and celebrations.
I had to deal with bulling from a teacher and students. I had some bad years and I am graduating early just to leave.
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I really liked that Central Noble is a small school so everyone knows everyone and there isn't a certain group. The principle is super nice and talks to everybody. I would change the schedule around and some extracurricular activity meetings because everyone seems to have a meeting on the same day at the same time.
It is a great school academically and athletically. They really push you and it feels like home. As long as you work hard, you'll do great.
My experience at Central Noble has been long. I have attended this school since kindergarten. The administration is alright. They definitely don't do as good of a good as they say they do. The education seems to be taken over by sports now that there are some good teams here. Central Noble has taught me most of the basics.
I had a great experience at central noble. I was able to make a lot of connections with teachers, and classmates. I also was able to accomplish a lot of goals in sports at this School. I wish that the school prepared you for college more.
I'm very happy that my teachers are determined to help me succeed. Whenever I have a question, they always do their best to answer it! I love participating in extracurriculars after school and being able to hang out with my friends.
I liked that I was able to come in as a freshman and fit right in. I was able to play sports and get to know the coaches right away. I didn't have any trouble with finding friends or fitting in.
Central Noble is a really great school. I loved the small school size. The teachers were amazing. I would like to see more help for the students when it comes to scholarship opportunities, as well as the staff talking to us more about college.
the class sizes aren't very big, so teaching students that the teachers have watched grow is easier for them to touch base and learn the material. even though i feel like there is more favoritism being shown this way.
the teachers are great! they all want to see their students reach their goals.
They take really good care of all their students and they also make sure every student tells their side of the story. In the case of bullying they get parents involved which is a big deal. they also create a punishment for the crime instead of treating all crimes the same.
This high school is not bad, it has a wide range of age groups and they try to set up clubs and organizations for all students. Central Noble though is set in small town where it is hard to find the money to pay for students to be in a club.
We have a very solid Health and Safety system at our school. There is an armed police officer the walks the school, security cameras and locked doors during the day. There is some verbal bullying in the middle school, but the teachers try to stop it. The teachers do the best job at making the school atmosphere feel safe.
Central Noble has the best clubs and organizations. There are so many different types of clubs that you can be involved in. The preforming arts has theater, drum line, and show choir. There are many different athletic sports that you can get into as well from golf to football. There are more academic related clubs such as working on the yearbook and NJHS. Central Noble has a wide variety of sports and clubs that anyone can get involved in.
I love Central Noble. It is a great school to go to because it is small and it is easy to get to know a lot of people. Another great thing is because it is so small you can get involved very easily. There are so many choices that sometimes the calendar is packed with things to do and see. The staff is friendly and say hello as you pas them in the hallways. I would not want to go to another school because I don't think that you cold ever find one with as friendly a staff that cares about its students.
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I love almost all of my teachers at Central Noble. They are always willing to help you if you need help with anything in the lesson. Central Noble is not a very large school which makes it is easy to talk to the teachers since most of them get involved with after school activities. When you walk into a class room the teachers are always friendly and you can tell that they love their jobs.
the school itself is very laid back, but the students arent taken seriously and little problems become big problems when they arent dealt with.
I've been attending Central Noble High School for four years and in that four years as a student you get to know your classmates. Each graduating class is made up of about one hundred people which is pretty small compared to other schools. Since there are only a little bit more than 400 students in the whole school each classroom is made up about twenty people or less. This allows the students to interact with both each other and the teachers. This makes it simple for students to get one on one help from the teachers if the student is struggling. We have many clubs and after school activities but with such a small school population it is hard to get student participation because many students are busy with other clubs.
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