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Some great teachers. A lot of bullying not just by kids but also teachers and the administration did nothing about it when brought to their attention although they preached bullying won’t be tolerated.
The music department was fantastic, the teachers genuinely cared for us. The school was millions in debt and cut teachers who genuinely cared for us as well as cutting classes that we enjoyed. The school put more money into sports than into our arts but that's pretty typical at a high school. The teachers I have had over the 4 years in the school have mostly cared for me genuinely by helping me with other classes if I needed it, letting me sit in their room for lunch to finish catching up on work quietly, and if we took a flyer to them with date and time of an event like a choir concert they would make sure they would be there.
I had a blast at central mountain, however it did have its flaws. They allowed many students to fall into the “cracks” and to underachieve. However, being very involved 3 sports and may clubs. Along with pushing myself in the classroom, I felt that central mountain gave me a good HS experience and a good education
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Central Mountain High School offers vocational classes that allow you to gain experience in the career field you plan on going into after graduation. The classes can teach you basic skills, help you get certifications, encourage you to apply for scholarships, etc. The only thing I disliked about the high school was the general education classes did not prepare me enough for college.
Great opportunity to play athletics. Would like to see the courses prepare you more for the college level (IE: midterms, finals, writing, etc.)
Clubs and activities have been the best part of the CMHS experience. CMHS needs an SAT prep program or course. AP options are limited, and not many students are interested in taking AP science and math classes.
I've grown up in the Keystone Central School District my entire life, and will be graduating from CMHS this summer. The absolute biggest issue in the school is communication, followed by polarization of the student body and an all around apathy from students and teachers.

Communication within the school is an absolute joke. The student government organization is constantly trying to combat this issue, but it seems as if the opinions of the students are not at all valued by administration.

The culture surrounding the school is also poor. There have been multiple cases of sexual misconduct within the school with no disciplinary action, and it just doesn't seem like a safe environment. Most of the teachers are nice people, but average or sub-par educators.
I have not had a terrible experience at CMHS, but not every student can say that. If you are a student that is involved, supported, and active you can have a worthwhile experience and beneficial education, but far too many students fall through the cracks. Students without a niche or a supportive household can have a harder time succeeding than your Honor Roll scholar. CMHS needs to do more to support and care for it's students who haven't been at the forefront of their attention and have suffered for that.
I see many students who don't act their age or take their classes seriously. This has resulted in an atmosphere that is hard to work in. The courses are not as rigorous as they should be at the high school level. Two of my AP classes seem as easy as a non-honors regular class. Prior to this school year, students who received a grade below a 93% on a test could retest and receive up to a 93%. Teachers would just let the students retest up to a 100%. The retesting policy was unjust. Now supposedly you can't retest unless you get below an 80. This year almost every student was given a free study hall period. I don't see many students using their time wisely. There is limited school spirit and recognition of sports and other activities within the school. No one ever seems very friendly. People form cliques and it's easy to feel excluded. Nonetheless, I have had several teachers who have excelled at their job.
Central Mountain is an okay school. Most of the teachers are excellent and truly want you to succeed. We also have a large amount of trade classes and opportunities to be in trade. We do have an issue with school spirit though.
The teachers need to do a better job of preparing students for college. There is a large issue with favoritism. There are a lot of students that cheat on homework, quizzes, and tests, and nothing seems to be done about it. Classrooms need to be a place where students feel safe enough to ask questions, but they're not.
My experience with Central Mountain High School was alright but could have been a lot better. The best thing about it was how great some of the teachers really were. They were real about situations and never tried to act like things weren't happening that really was. I would love to see change with the morals of the school and the higher up people working there. Those people always said things would change but thats all the further it had ever went. We lost some great teachers due to money issues and cut great programs from the lack of responsibility.
I liked Central Mountain athletics. They had well taught coaches, who knew the sport. The majority of the teachers depended on computers to teach. Luckily I had a teacher named Mrs.Walters. She did hands on activities, note taking, paper tests, and also skill checks. If you have the opportunity to take Health Occupations, or Medical Terminology they are wonderful classes, and they will prepare you for the future. The classes teach you not only health care skills but everyday skills.
I would not recommend this school if you have the choice. There are opportunities if you choose them but students are not encouraged to take them. The music program cut funding while they received funding for a football stadium. Some of the teachers are helpful but you need to find them for yourself.
I have been attending Central Mountain High School for one year and am about to enter my second. My first year experience there wasn’t exactly what I would call fun. Over the first month I had a lot of issues with not being informed of assignments due to the fact that they were put online and expected to just be noticed. The language and attitudes of many of the students aren’t good. However I am very thankful for the wonderful music and arts teachers and programs that I was provided with as a student. Many of the teacher can be turned to when needed help with homework or advice on college readiness or what classes to take the next year. They offer wonderful opportunities for classes having to do with mechanics and agriculture. I would love to see the testing policies change in the rest of my time there as well as the way students treat each other.
For starters, the school has undergone a serious budget crisis that has further worsened the quality of education CMHS students are receiving. Drama/band receives very little funding as well as the other clubs, which is discouraging to those who participate as it falls on the students to hold all sorts of fundraisers just to keep things running. Overall, there are few classes that are actually challenging and provide any sort of college prep. Most of the teachers are just as frustrated as the students with the school's situation.
The school allows students to pass without truly trying. But, if you do apply yourself, this school is also amazing. The amount of FREE dual enrollment courses you can take through Penn College is astounding. The school also offers many AP courses which will make students ready for college. You have the power to get a great education at this institution.
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The experience that I had at Central Mountain HS had extremes on both ends of the spectrum which included anything from the typical closed-minded townspeople and the bare minimum education to some teachers that i can count on one hand that actually had a true passion for their job and a true interest in my education. This isnt a place where I would ever want my child to get their education, but it was still a place where i got mine and I think it did its job the best that it could during times of district wide debt.
I like the fact that as of February 8th, 2018 we still have an awesome CTC program that the school district is trying to get rid of due to budget issues. These classes really have helped me in the heath care field.
CMHS really needs updated. There's SOMEHOW no money in our district that they are closing down elementary schools that still have students, getting rid of programs that actually help the students learn normal adult things, and getting rid of programs that sure aren't completely necessary BUT still play a HUGE role in student's lives. If the district had smart people in the offices, we wouldn't be 10 million dollars in debt...
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