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My experience has been very positive, mainly because I enjoy school and am willing to work hard. Along with many schools, if your main priority while there is to learn then it will be a good 4 years. The teachers I've had so far have been overall very good, being very purposeful in what they teach and why they do it. The food is not good, I pack every day. The music department has low participation. Athletic facilities are overall very good, teams are getting better.
Overall, the experience was okay. I believe that most teachers truly care about you however, they are limited on what they can do and teach due to the common core curriculum and low pay may also be a factor in the lack of care from other teachers. I breezed by fairly easy for an average student so if you like to be challenged, this is not the school for you. The school needs to put more focus on extra-curriculums and less on just football. There is a slight problem with bullying as well and little was done to help eliminate these problems in my opinion. If you're looking for a more diverse school with a culture, this school is also not for you as around 97% of the total population is white. The things I did like about this school is the career and technical program here. There are many opportunities to gain experience before college on subjects of interest such as Culinary Arts, mechanics, Floral Design, Nursing, Child Care, etc. All of these programs were on the main campus no travel
I think that overall, I had a great experience at CMHS. While others might have not had the same experience that I had, I still think that overall CMHS is a good school.
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The biggest lesson that I have learned from CMHS is how to advocate for yourself. There is a complete lack of investment in student success. The academic environment is not focused on preparing students for college, and the course offerings are limited. There is no test preparation for the ACT or SAT or meaningful guidance throughout the college process.

Being successful at this school requires an enormous parent commitment and financial investment to provide the resources that the school doesn't have. Most students have financial constraints that make their academic success nearly impossible under the given circumstances.
At central mountain I like that all the teachers are always so nice and we as students have the opportunity to take ctc classes. These classes prepare you for what you are going to do in the real world. I took cosmetology in school and it was a ctc class. At the end of my high school career, I can get my cosmetology license with no cost to me. Also we could take college classes that surrounding colleges offered at our school. I took a PCN English Composition class. I now have credits that will transfer to the college I’m going to.
I received an education in three years instead of four and have been accepted to college a year ahead of my class. My studies have prepared me to reach my goals.
My experience at Central Mountain High School overall beneficial to further my academic career in a college setting. The teachers I have had over the course of four years have pushed and prepared me for what is to come in college. I am glad to have built the relationships I have with teachers and faculty as many of whom have told me they would be willing to write an excellent letter of recommendation.
Very average school, lacks in meeting personal goals for students within academics, very sports focused, but the sports teams are not good.
A very rural school located in small town Pennsylvania. They have a very good tennis team with a bad football team who has won 2 games in the past 3 seasons.
Our school is terrible. We have a very small budget. Our school doesn't pay attention to art programs. We have larger scale class sizes, which means it's harder to have a one on one connection with a teacher and more distractions in class. Our school isn’t very diverse or accepting of other opinions. The school lunches taste like cardboard and have been known to make students sick. Not every student has a study hall, nor is it at the same time. Teachers have a hard time meeting with students to make up a test or help them with questions because of having classes during the students' study period. For sports, it is continuously the same kids participating. It is because of the teacher to parent connections. These students tend to get special treatment. Whether it is being named homecoming king or queen, student body president, captain of sports teams, and is on every page of the yearbook. The only way you have an in, in this school district is if a family member is in the district.
It is not a diverse high school at all. It is very political. Academics are terrible. This school actually had "re-tests". Does not prepare students at all for life or college.
I've been involved with Keystone Central School District since kindergarten till grade 12. Central Mountain High School and their teachers have made a huge impact on my life. I've been provided with a education and gained trust within the school. I've overcome several goals and met expectations that have been set for me. The teachers have taught me to try my best and made me feel comfortable if I needed help throughout my education career. I feel as though a school could always do something to be improved and I think that we could focus on college readiness, parent involement and administration communication with students. With that being said I feel as though we are not prepared for the college world, I feel as though we have been isolated with that experience. Along with that our administration doesn't set things clear with the students. Its very hard to hear about our options. Lastly I am very thankful for my school and all that it has taught me.
The school is noting special. Some teachers are amazing, but other not so much. I do think we have a very good administrative staff. The principal and guidance counselors are very kind. Same goes for students. Just like any high school you have your well behaved kids, and you have your delinquents.
More science based classes. School has been great providing assistance to do dual enrollment with local college(s).
Some great teachers. A lot of bullying not just by kids but also teachers and the administration did nothing about it when brought to their attention although they preached bullying won’t be tolerated.
The music department was fantastic, the teachers genuinely cared for us. The school was millions in debt and cut teachers who genuinely cared for us as well as cutting classes that we enjoyed. The school put more money into sports than into our arts but that's pretty typical at a high school. The teachers I have had over the 4 years in the school have mostly cared for me genuinely by helping me with other classes if I needed it, letting me sit in their room for lunch to finish catching up on work quietly, and if we took a flyer to them with date and time of an event like a choir concert they would make sure they would be there.
I had a blast at central mountain, however it did have its flaws. They allowed many students to fall into the “cracks” and to underachieve. However, being very involved 3 sports and may clubs. Along with pushing myself in the classroom, I felt that central mountain gave me a good HS experience and a good education
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Central Mountain High School offers vocational classes that allow you to gain experience in the career field you plan on going into after graduation. The classes can teach you basic skills, help you get certifications, encourage you to apply for scholarships, etc. The only thing I disliked about the high school was the general education classes did not prepare me enough for college.
Great opportunity to play athletics. Would like to see the courses prepare you more for the college level (IE: midterms, finals, writing, etc.)
Clubs and activities have been the best part of the CMHS experience. CMHS needs an SAT prep program or course. AP options are limited, and not many students are interested in taking AP science and math classes.
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