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Overall the school is a great decision. The lack of being able to have computer assignments and not having computers to bring home is a struggle
I really enjoyed my time at CMHS. It is a super small school, so all of the students know each other and all of the teachers know each student. It is really easy to make lifelong friendships with other students. It is also always easy to get help from any of the teachers, they are always willing to help out.
Teachers are really good and caring. Would like to see more safety things and lots of less bullying, that is a huge problem.
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Central Montcalm High school was an okay school. I loved all the school spirit this school had. The teachers were okay, but some of them were lazy and I didn't learn the subject fully. Central Montcalm is very into sports. I think sports comes before academics to them.
I loved having the different opportunities given to students. We were able to take classes at the career center to better our knowledge with jobs, we had the choice to take dual enrollment with Montcalm Community College, and we were given many options when it came to classes at the school.
Great teachers, great memories, great times. Wouldn't ask for a better school. The teachers go the extra mile to make sure you understand the material and to help make sure you achieve what you are reaching for. They actually care about you and want to see you go places. But they are also fun and laid back while being somewhat strict at the same time.
We had many foreign exchange students and it was very easy to make friends in the school.
They do random sweeps to make sure there is no contraband nor weapons present in the building.
Art Club is really the only club I was in, but I would say that most of the extracurricular activities are good. Many of the students partake in different sports and clubs. I will say that the band could use quite a bit of work the school I was in before the band was excellent.
I don't really know much about this.
Overall teaching practices were really good, most teachers would give you a second chance to get a better grade and that was helpful.
All of the teachers here are amazing.
Sports are the most prevalent after school activities and seem to be utilized a far amount. When it comes to clubs and organizations, This school is lacking. There are few "groups" the will meet during lunch, but the participation rate would hardly make for it to be considered a real club. If there are clubs, they are not advertised.
The year CMSWAG was first introduced was great. People actually participated in assemblies, and everyone was nice to eachother. While school atmosphere is important, I care most about my education. I don't feel like what I have gotten out of CMHS has been bad by any means, but at times it was diffidently not quality.
Teachers are genuinely kind people both in and out of the classroom, but when it comes to actually effectively teaching a subject things get a bit hazy. Sometimes I question the relevance of an assignment, and it seems that the teachers don't even quite know why.
The majority of the teachers here are not helpful. They teach, expect you to understand it all, and when you ask for help on the 50 pages of homework they assign per night, they tell you to go look it up on the computer so they can sit there and text/leave the room with no warning. The hallways are cramped and impossible to get through. They've instated stupid rules, such as no backpacks allowed. They're afraid of weapons, but students are constantly walking in and out of the building. In the lunch room there's a few exits, except you're not allowed to go through them without telling your entire life story to the random teacher gaurding it (not the front door though where literally anybody can get through because they'll buzz anybody through no questions asked). The fruits (that they force us to purchase, but not eat) are very small and nasty tasting. The principal is a complete nutjob. It's his first year and he honestly has no idea what he's doing. Every morning, he forces the entire student body to do the Pledge of alligence. It's against the constitution to do so, but teachers have sent kids to detention for not standing up. Students do not have to stand up and when they don't, everybody in the class will call them a terroist. He is not helping us at all. He says he's trying to make our school more safe when in reality he's only adding more stress and panic into us. No matter what time you're walking down the hallway, even between classes, you're in fear of getting bombarded by some random teacher who will ask you literally every private question they can think of. If you even hug a person you'll get sent to detention. Many of the students there are extremely rude and wont even give you the time of day because they play sports and think they're the most important person in the world. Please do not raise your children in this school district.
Attending high school in a small town was something I would never change for myself. If I would have attended a huge school with a bunch of students I did not know I feel as if I would have been less successful. When you attend a small high school you get way more one on one time with teachers and you get more opportunities. I know in big schools when you're not a star athlete you most likely get cut from the team. At a small high school almost everyone can play whatever sport they would like no matter if there a star athlete or just want to do an after school activity. Also the teachers are your coaches so when you play a sport you can not get behind in school as well because your coaches are right there telling you to try harder or you can't play the next game. The whole experience of attending a small high school was great. I don't think I would be the same person that I turned out to be if it wasn't for the close knit community I grew up in.
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The atmosphere is very much judgmental. If you are not white, christian, straight, or cis, you will be made fun of and often regarded as less then all the others.
I personally started taking cold lunch due to the lack of healthy options and even the unhealthy options don't taste very good. If you want something that tastes bett you can get a wrap, but they are more expensive.
Teachers and staff tend to yell at kids for wearing hats in class rather than the group of stoners that openly talk about pot.
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