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This school is very safe. CMS deals with bullying right away and provides fitness/health guides. The school nurse is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Teachers are very supportive of students and there is a variety of fun clubs. For example, drama club is a fun and good learning experience.
I had an amazing experience at CMS. I found that school was very interesting and engaging. One of my favorite memories is when we went on our 8th grade graduation field trip.
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All the teachers at Central Middle School were very nice and showed an interest in the students. Teachers actively helped struggling students and taught effectively.
Many of the teachers here protect their students to the max. The office requires anyone and everyone to sign in and sign out every time they enter or leave the building. Many teachers worry about the safety of their students and tell them so every week.
The clubs and sports at this school are offered in many schools but the students who participate in these clubs or sports are very unique in Central Middle School. The students level to compete is extraordinary, making them try their best when doing anything, whether it be band or basketball. The students here love sports and make a team effort to win for eachother.
When talking about the parents, I've found out that most parents may be pushing their children to hard, but this is not a bad thing. Being in high school has shown me the importance of being pushed to do better in my classes. With the children only being in middle school they have yet to figure out why their parents are edging them on about joining more clubs and taking harder classes.
Although some of the teachers I've had didn't really give off to that happy friendly environment most classrooms have, I found myself to be missing Central as soon as I finished the eight grade
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