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My child was in the “gifted” program. She took a special exam that tests giftedness. However, the program is not geared to gifted, neurodiverse, and curious learners rather it’s geared to students who study hard and are motivated by getting good grades. Many gifted students are motivated to learn purely for the enjoyment of learning. Teachers in the program are not teaching to students who love to learn; they are teaching to MCAS and joy is not part of the curriculum. This program destroys the esteem of kids who are not motivated by grades. The school should skip the “gifted” test and accept students based on grades alone.
I don't fully remember them having metal detectors or any extreme measures of security, while I attended Central it was always a welcoming environment. School nurses were always reliable sources for students and staffs; there were actually no police officers around (that I could remember)
When I first started my gym class, it was a bit overwhelming not knowing if a group would accept you in their group but students will actively just grab you and just have you in their group regardless. The different sports was very fun and competitive every single time and that bought so many different challenges.
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When I first started at Central, I did not want to open very much to people. I barely spoke english and I was afraid to be made fun of, so I stayed to myself. But the students reached out to me, I had a friend who I've always been close to, she showed me the ropes, and during a track event we had, even when we were in different teams, she stood by me through it all and I cannot be thankful.
As a young immigrant that had just moved from Florida to New York and then Boston (Quincy)- I was immediately welcomed at Centra. The staff I remember knew that my living situation and they did everything to help me and not make me comfortable.
Every teacher and parent volunteer are CORI cleared.
CMS is three years old with cutting edge technology.
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