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Central Magnet is a great school environment that encourages academic rigor and surrounds passionate students with others who share their love for learning and proficiency in academics. The teachers and administration are exemplary and strive to provide their students with the best learning experience they can get. Extracurricular activities and sports are diverse and any student can find clubs and activities that they're interested in.
Academic aspect of this school is second to none. Teachers are outstanding and always willing to help.
The school brings together high-achieving students from across the county, fostering their academic growth with teachers that truly care about the success of their students. The culture at the school also encourages academic achievement, enough that the ACT average of the 2018-2019 senior class was over 30.
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I think the focus is largely on the top tier students, and it almost feels like some other students may be left behind. Our school is always talking about the elite who got 36's on the act, national merit finalist on psat, 5's on the ap exam, and maintinaing a 4.0; the school almost forgets to recognize the students who still excel, just not to the highest degree as others. A specific example is the dolly wood trip. I belieive it would have been more benificial for the incentiver to have a grade ACT of 31, rather than saying we need 5 36's
Most of the teachers are amazing, and although the first year is pretty rough, once you get used to it you can't go back to other high schools again. Central prepared me spectacularly for college when I went to take some advanced courses at my top school over the summer. I have Central to thank for instilling good habits and a good work ethic.
Central Magnet is a great school and pushes you with its rigorous classes. The teachers are amazing, and are always willing to help you with your work when you need it. The only thing I do not like about Central Magnet is the constant pressure to do well and "beat out" the other students in class grades and test scores.
Central Magnet School is a great school because it challenges me and helps me to become the best student I can be. The teachers are all very nice and helpful, always pushing us to do our best and assisting us along the way. The overall environment is welcoming and there is a feeling of camaraderie among the students and the faculty.
central is the best school ever 10/10
very very very very very very very very very very very epic
It's a pretty great school, with bad food. There's a lot of homework but it's totally worth it. I love the orchestra program which is pretty rare for schools
The school is considerably old and has many areas where it could use some TLC. However, the faculty and student body is well above the standard and always makes students feel welcomed and ready to learn.
Central is a great school academically with a unique student culture, but stress is always running high and creating pretty much constant tension. Most teachers genuinely care-although we have a few bad ones like everyone else-and there’s a wide offering of Advanced Honors and AP Courses. The school is very focused on college prep, which is helpful but also creates an overload of test prep sessions. Overall, it’s a good school doing its best, and definitely deserves its ranking as best in the state.
Some of the school is outdated and needs to be repaired/replaced; some of the teachers are not the best, but overall, the school is amazing and strives to create a good amount of college readiness within its students.
What I love about Central Magnet School is how they treat us like adults. We have proven to administration and teachers that we applied to this school because we wanted to better our education. In return they have given us the responsibility and leeway to do almost anything we want. With being the #1 school in the state and being #4 in the nation, we are known for having some of the best educators and students going to school to do what they truly love. There is nothing I would change about the school because it has history and just speaks through the walls about everything it has overcome to better its community.
Central Magnet School has allowed me to feel immensely prepared for college. Due to the various AP and Advanced Honors courses that I was provided, I have been challenged and taught more than just state standards. I have been taught how to handle a large workload and build lasting relationships with fellow students and teachers. The staff members are understanding, and they treat the students with respect and courtesy. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have attended the number one high school in Tennessee!
Central provides a welcoming environment and effectively prepares students for college. The high rigor level allows students to reach their highest potential.
Education is very solid at Central, with many opportunities available for different types of classes. Teachers are very good at giving students a path to success during and after high school.
Central Magnet School is a middle school and high school environment like no other. The teachers are dedicated to their craft and to helping the students succeed. The students are, for the most part, extremely hard working and driven to achieve great things in their high school career. I truly believe that Central helped to shape me into a wonderful student and prepared me to enter college (with 28 credit hours already complete). However, there is so much pressure to be exceptional and outdo not only peers in surrounding high schools but also those you attend school with. Central places students with perfect marks on standardized tests on a pedestal, almost shaming those who do not reach those same scores. This stress causes students to constantly compare themselves to one another in an extremely toxic fashion. Should this problem be addressed, Central would be almost the perfect example of a thriving school environment.
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This school prepared me for college in ways I wouldn't have dreamed. I was ready for the workload and the self-motivating mentality when it comes to academic success.
I love the environment that Central provides, allowing me to study subjects at an advanced pace alongside my peers while also allowing tons of extra curricular activities available to students.
Great friends. Great teachers. Great classes. But...the workload is ridiculous. There's a balance between preparing for college + engaging the intelligent student and causing mental health issues to run rampant in a population already more prone to them. Breakdowns are casual discussion and the school does little to reach out to students especially over mental health. I've valued my time at Central. But I'm glad to be moving on.
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