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Central Lyon Senior High School Reviews

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Teachers do well to help you understand the material and create a welcoming environment. Good athletics and Choir/band programs.
I really liked how involved all of the teachers are in my academic career along with my athletic career. A small school means that teachers may be multiple sports coaches and or leaders of our extracurricular activities. It is extremely easy to build a bond with a teacher or coach. teachers also do a great job of teaching here at CL. They do not give me my grades easily, but they do encourage me to do my best. Since it is a small school, I have attained having a close-knit class and we have all known each other since kindergarten. Our facilities are one of the best in Northwest Iowa. Our janitors and faculty keep our schools clean and orderly. We also have quite a few clubs to be involved in which have kept me busy during my high school career. Overall, I have had a great high school career.
I liked the friendly atmosphere, bringing many opportunities iinto my life. The teachers were caring and supportive manking the atmosphere enjoyable.
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Something I really liked about Central Lyon was that most of my teachers made themselves readily available for questions. Something that I really found frustrating was the lack of punishment for cheating. It felt very inconsistent, only certain students seemed to be truly punished for it.
I like how safe Central Lyon makes you feel with the locked doors that you must be buzzed into because that way you know that bad people will have a much harder time breaking into my school. The facilities at Central Lyon are very nice and it also is great to have access to computers and technology like this school provides. You can tell that the teachers really care about their students here by the amount of time they put in to see someone succeed or how they go out of their way to give help to a student family that needs it.
Not bad. I feel like I am very fortunate to attend this school because is has some very good qualities.
The teachers care about the students and want them to succeed. Students are fairly kind to each other and care about each other's well-being.
One thing I would like to change is how our small town sized school doesn't always get opportunities.
I loved the atmosphere of a small town high school. I don't like a lot of the teachers who just need to retire.
If I could do it over again I would choose to go to a different school. I go to the University Center which is a branch off of South Dakota State University and I just feel like I don't get the campus environment and extra activities as I would if I were on campus.
I feel that some of the teachers are great and then there are others who I feel are out to fail the students. An example being I have a urologist as my anatomy teacher and I feel like he is hard core and goes above and beyond what needs to be taught and just makes everyone confused. He also flys through lectures and makes you feel guilty if you do not attend the weekly review session.
There wasn't that many options, but there was defiantly more than grade school.
We did a lot for PE class when I was in school. There would be different units that our PE coach made us do.
I sometimes feel that the teachers get frustrated if we don't catch on right away.
The school spirit only really shows during playoff time or when a team makes it to state.
The administration is very friendly to the staff and students.
most classes are very high quality
the majority of teachers are very good
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very good facilities and an awesome guidance counselor
The teachers are the best part of this school. Many of the teachers are compassionate to the students and passionate about their school subjects.
I believe this school has very good health and safety policies overall.
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