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I liked all of the great electives and the strong music program. The math system had been changed a lot which got me behind so I would like to see it go back to the teacher driven. There are some options for teacher driven which is nice and has helped me catch up.
When I went to Central linn high school found that the teachers cared alot about the students and their success. The Principal Jon Zwemke however made no one feel welcome. Ill never stop thinking Lauri needs the title and the pay raise since she already runs that school. Overall good rural environment, small community. easy to succeed.
For Central Linn being such a small school, they really have a lot to offer. During my time here I had some ups and downs with teachers but mainly ups. The staff there genuinely want students to have opportunities to experience the world. They have a plethora of sports to choose from to keep kids out of trouble. I enjoyed my years in cheerleading as it taught me teamwork skills, public speaking, and accountability. The music program there is phenomenal. I was exposed to so many musical opportunities that I never dreamed of. I was able to tour New York, receive vocal lessons in Seattle, and write music of my own. My teacher saw how many students thrived off of music and took the opportunity to mold and shape us to young professionals. I loved my English teachers and they all take time to work with students that are behind in their language skills because of the lower income situations in my community.
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Central Linn High School is a small school that will steal your heart. Many of the staff are alumni and the teachers are incredible. The teachers noticeably improve each year, as well as the graduation rate. Central Linn is a school that understand that students must fully understand the material before being tested on it, and that dedication shows.
Our school is fairly safe. With how small and tight nit it is, students know what is happening. This can discourage bad behaviors.
I enjoy that this school has small class sizes with individualized learning; however, with the small comes lack of opportunities.
The food is not good, overall. There is also not vary much variety at all, and no accommodations are ever made for those who have allergies or food preferences(vegan, vegetarian, etc.). With all these negatives, they still charge almost $3 for a small amount of food.
Our tardy policy is well in forced. After three, you receive a warning. After four, a detention is given. After that you receive in school suspension. Also, we have two councilors to help us whenever we need it. It would be better to have more, but the current councilors are helpful.
There isn't a large number of sports offered at our school, being a small school. This makes it so there is less variety, and less students involved in sports. However, our track team, with a condemned track, we able to win state the past 5 years. This shows that even if our school is small and poor, our students aren't discouraged.
Overall, we have great teachers that go out of their way to make sure you have the ability to be successful.
There are a large range of options for the size of our school. We have FFA, UDYC, NJHS, NHS, leadership, DECA, three different level choirs, band, drama, and many other clubs.
I really liked all of the music programs- The music teacher at Central Linn is exceptional!!
Most of the teachers are excellent, and they do everything to make sure we know what we're doing and learn a lot.
The entire staff is really helpful, and truly care about the students.
The school is pretty safe....there are hardly ever any incidences that are unsafe or require a huge response.
Sports are really big at this school, but there aren't a lot of teams. It's mostly just football, basketball, track, baseball, and cheerleading.
The people are really nice and we all know each other.
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The community and parents are really involved because it's a small town, however because it's a small town, there aren't a lot of college prep courses so to get those we have to go to actual colleges.
Sports are pretty popular here some more than others. Most students only come to the big games. We are however lucky to get quite a lot of support form the community. We have white outs, pink outs, and camo outs. Our girls cheer leading team just started competing again and we have a pretty strong team.
There isn't a whole lot of drama at our school but student attendance to after school events is pretty low. We have a stronf sports program here. You chose how rigorous your schedule is. We have some pretty good teachers here and they all want to help you do the best you can.
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