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Growing up in the central lee school district, I have attended central lee my whole life. It was a great little small town school where teachers truly care about students and their education. Their academics were some of the highest in the state.
In my two years of attending this school, I’ve felt welcomed by the students and staff alike. I believe that this school has wonderful teachers and a wide variety of resources for students to challenge themselves (such as AP and college courses) and be prepared for higher education. However, I feel like the school really needs to work on informing parents and students about upcoming events and activities. I’ve personally met some students that would have been very excited about certain clubs and events had they known they existed. With that said, I believe that this school has a lot of potential and is heading in the right direction and I hope to see it improve in my last year of high school.
I had a great experience going to Central Lee. You can learn so much at this school and have many opportunities throughout the years. I made so many memories I will never forget.
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It is a very good school to go to. I went to central lee from Kindergarden all the way through to get my high school diploma. It was a great place to go to school.
The extracurriculars at Central Lee are top notch. There are lots to choose from, and everyone does one! The most popular for both boys and girls is show choir. The least popular is cheerleading.
I can't rave about this school enough. Most of the parents don't push their kids super hard when it comes to schoolwork, mainly because the kids have it under control. Show Choir and Football are by far the two most celebrated clubs to join. Almost every parent and kid in school goes to every one of these two groups' events. Our school is pretty unique, seeing as since it's a farm school, there is "Ag Week" where various events go on, including "Drive Your Tractor to School Day." The school is also very involved in the community and vice versa. That's the good thing about having a smaller school. Everyone knows everyone. The only bad thing I can think of, is that the parents in this school blame the principal for everything bad that may happen, regardless if the conflict was within her power to prevent or not. I would hate to go to any other school.
The teachers at Central Lee are true gems. All of them care about their work, and will readily develop a different way of teaching if the students are not fully grasping the concept. Furthermore, most teachers are very knowledgeable about the subject they teach (understandably). A few teachers lack the knowledge of technology so there is less of it in the classroom, but they are excellent teachers, so it doesn't affect learning much. There are, however, a few teachers that stand out above all the rest. It's obvious when you are at school, though.
Overall, the building is in good condition, there are a few flaws but nothing too terrible.
The staff and faulty help out so much and it's a safe environment. So many good memories were made here
It's a small town, so safety really isn't an issue. There is so few times when safety is threatened, but when it is there are cameras and message alerts put in place.
The academics used to be pretty good. We had an awesome upper-math class teacher, but she switched schools. We had a nationally recognized biology teacher as well, and he retired. His daughter is now teaching bio though, and she's very good. There are lots and lots of new teachers as we had the majority of our teachers all retire within three years of each other. New teachers are a blessing and a curse, however. A lot are still learning and it was tough learning while they are still learning as well.
Central Lee is an all-white school. There is very little diversity as it is made up of small towns that the students parents, grandparents, and great grandparents attended. There is good social groups though, I went through high school without feeling pressured whatsoever to drink, it's about who you make friends with and a good percentage of students don't.
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