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I liked the fact that it was a small school and you got to know everyone on a personal level, I did not, however, appreciate the fact that the teachers were below average. I felt as if I could have obtained more information going to a different school because there are only a handful of good teachers in central lake.
I went to school here for 13 years and loved every second of my experience there. I played sports throughout my years and made friends that will last a life time. It's a close community and school and everyone is always willing to give a helping hand.
I liked how personable the teachers were and how they were always there to help and stay after to assist with anything anybody needed whether it be with school or life in general. I would really like to see the school set students up for college a little more with how they teach and how things are in colleges rather then in high schools.
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Central Lake Schools were a bit of a mixed bag of results when looking back on my years there. Some of the good things would be the teachers, like Ms. Smith and Ms. A among others. But, that's not to say I haven't had some god-awful teachers at Central Lake. The food here has been up and down in quality and quantity over the years. From amazing chicken nuggets to microwaved grilled cheese sandwiches in a bag from the gas station 5 miles away to the amazing flatbread sandwiches and other culinary masterpieces of today's lunch at Central Lake. The people here are alright, but if you don't like small town mentalities and the overall feeling of "Everyone knows everyone, and everything about them", you wouldn't like it here. While I can say I'm graduating on much better terms with the school than I thought I would, I'm looking forward to leaving this small school and town for something more than, and I quote, "This provincial life."
Love it... if you have questions they answer or will find someone who can. Very family oriented. It's a great place to learn.
The teachers at CL are quite caring and willing to give individualized attention to students as well as relate learning concepts to student's experiences.
Athletics is the most important extracurricular activity, and the majority of students participate. Apart from sports, however, there are only a few options; genealogy club, dance, and 4-H.
The food at the CL cafeteria usually looks like it has been embalmed. I usually brought my own lunch.
The school buildings are old, but the staff and students work well together to utilize the equipment to the best of their ability. Technology is an area that could be improved and I am excited to hear about programs coming to our school that will improve technological opportunities for underclassmen.
I love that we have food provided by locally grown farmers. The meals are well thought out and pretty good, overall.
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