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I am a graduating senior this year and have been very active in the Trojan Lancer Band during my 4 years in high school. Great program and Mr. Martin is the Wouldn't have missed it for the world.
It’s a great school, but many teachers suck, and as a student it always felt like it was us vs the administration and teachers. That’s know it should be. We should work as a team.
My time in High school has been very much like a rollercoaster. CLHS gets there students college ready, but every teacher is different and alot aren’t as good as others. The school offers many clubs and organizations that provide great memories. Administration sucks because of how they always think they know what the students want. The school is run like a military academy.
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Central Lafourche High School is a grade-A institution home to multiple athletic, academic, and arts organizations. The faculty and staff hold the highest expectations of students in their endeavors to strive for excellence. Students are encouraged to push themselves to the best of their academic abilities and to participate in the extracurricular activities offered at CLHS. The students and staff often work together to promote school spirit and positivity.
CLHS is an A rated school three years consecutively! Teachers and students have good rapport and work hard together to build a strong community!
Central Lafourche is an excellent school. The teachers take their job seriously due to the enforcement by the administrators. This allowed our school to be an A school. I feel that I am going into college prepared for anything that is to come my way. Also, Central has many extra-curricular that are above average. There is a positive environment at Central and I would not choose to go to any other high school.
What can I say another than, "I love my school." Central Lafourche is home to the mighty Trojans and the extraordinary students, teachers, and education. The students show so love and respect to one another like family. The teachers guide the students in every way they can. The faculty with metaphorically break their backs to help the students have a better life. And finally, the education is flawless. I feel as though if I can handle any college class even as a high school senior.
CLHS is the best high school in not only Lafourche Parish, but in the Tri-Parish Area. Being rated an A-Rated School for two years now, it is evident that Central Lafourche has a very high standard when it comes to its academics, all while offering a wide variety AP, Honors, and Elective classes. CLHS is home to one of the only AP Psychology Courses in the state of Louisiana. Our Athletics are not only top-performing but our clubs and organizations are welcoming and heavily involved. From our World-Class Trojan Lancer Band, to National-Titled Cheer Program, to the State and Nationally Acclaimed National Beta Club; we are a school of dedication and epic proportions. The student body, faculty and staff all call CLHS home and as such, are greatly spirited. At Central Lafourche High School, we are a family and we are all proud to say that we will forever be Trojans.
I enjoyed my time at this school very much. I mainly enjoyed the electives though, the drama and art classes. I enjoyed some of the other classes also, but none as much as the electives. I did well in almost all of my classes, I only did worse in my math classes and sometimes a language class. Almost all of the teachers were very nice and helpful however they could be, there were some who didn't involve themselves with there students, all of my teachers did.
I enjoyed my time at CLHS. There were some things that could have been better, like the food or the early hours, but it's like that at almost all schools. Most of the teachers were nice, and the students were nice too, but they weren't afraid to stand up for themselves either.
The only thing has going for it at this point is the students are appalled to the schooling system they are forced in that many do their best to succeed in order to leave as fast as possible. Other than that the whole system is failing its students in ever aspect.
I've enjoyed my time at CLHS. Students there are given numerous amazing opportunities to excel in their high school and even college career. Anyone can be apart of any club or organization whether it be Spanish Club, P.A.C. (Performing Arts Club), or JROTC. You'll always be a family at school.
My experience at this high school was horrible. All of the rich (and poor) white kids were racist. The teachers were horrible. They didn't care about who was getting bullied or when. The teachers didn't care when white kids called black kids nigger or nigga.
I love Central Lafourche. It’s such a clean and calm environment. I am comfortable to learn and be myself. My teachers are helpful and easy to speak to. The counselors are AMAZING. There is not one staff member that wouldn’t be glad to help me out with anything. Teachers and staff are always there and ready to help. Our extracurricular activities are always enjoyable and full of fun. Our pep rally’s pump up the school on Friday nights and our stands are full and LOUD!! Our sports teams are competitive and entertaining. Our school is big on achieving our goals in athletics but even bigger on academics. Academics is the most important part of Central Lafourche. We practice and prepare for any test that is given to us. Our school aids us in striving for our future goals.
. Becoming a Trojan has led to a whirlwind of emotions, giving me a taste of the real world that awaits me afterwards. The bittersweet end is growing closer and closer. I’m wishing I could stay in high school much longer than the five short months ahead of me, but unfortunately, I cannot. Central Lafourche is the place where I learned not to doubt myself anymore. It is the place where I acquired many achievements to define who I am rather than allowing other people’s opinions to define me instead. It is my public support system. It is where I learned that failure is an option I do not have to choose, and where I built countless friendships that will last a lifetime. It is the place I call home.
I love the way so much care and devotion is put into programs lile the band and I would like the favoritism to stop.
I liked getting the chance to be in college classes and having clean facilities. Things I would like to see imporved would be club involvement. Many clubs don’t do much besides meet once a month. I think if clubs were more involved, students would have more interest in joining the club.
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I liked how the student body was very involved in any activity they possibly could be. I also like how of the students had an idea that the faculty and staff would take it into consideration and try to make it work if they were able too. The kids show school spirit in more ways than one and the teachers are always willing to help you strive to be better at whatever it is you need help on.
Best school ever. glad I switched schools, good people, great environment, and excellent service, and good food
I like the community there and by this I mean the staff, they can be fun but know how to get things done and they care about the education of their students. What I would hope to see change is the time students have for lunch, we should have more time for it. Considering we only get twenty minutes and there’s about six hundred people that need to eat. Most people wait in line 10 to 15 minutes of that 20 minute lunch and some don’t even eat most days because they don’t get their food in time before the bell rings or in time for them to eat.
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