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Central Kitsap High school just got a new building, and has a very good selection of AP and advanced courses.
Central Kitsap High School is an all around excellent school. The teachers and school culture are generally academic-focused, with many AP and Honors class options. The facilities are one of the best in the region, as the school is new for the 2019-2020 school year. The new sports facilities and auditorium are complemented by the fantastic arts, music, and athletic departments.
Central Kitsap High School education wise offers many courses with excellent AP options. They also have several merit scholars every year who move onto competitive universities. The environment changes based on what type of student you are. Students who thrive in a challenging environment will feel at home here if enrolled in rigorous classes.
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What Central Kitsap lacks in diversity, it makes up for in academics and sports, allowing students to prepare for college early and leaving them with the proper skills they will need in life.
Though a couple teachers genuinely cared, it seemed as though for the most part I was just a GPA that the administration wanted to see get higher and higher. Hopefully with the construction of the new building, the viewpoints of those in charge will change, but I didn't know a single person who was satisfied with the way our school was run.
They push you to do a lot of AP. New school coming for this school year, and there are some great sports to get into. Previous building was a garbage asbestos filled mad house. Hopefully the new ones an improvement.
I really do enjoy the school’s running start program which allows me to get a head start on my college classes. It truly does prepare me for how my college experience will be like. I have a lot more time to work and a ton more freedom that I would not have even thought of in high school.
The school is very focused on getting you to college, not so much any other type of job. They push AP classes and doing activities connected to the school. Though not all the teachers are great, they are so diverse there is bound to be one you’ll enjoy. Speaking of diversity, the school had clubs for boys/girls, LGBTQ, and many different ethnicities as a way to feel more connected. People here aren’t afraid to speak up for what they want or what they deem isn’t right, for the most part everyone is able to share there opinion without being judged.
The environment is amazing. I'm excited to walk through the doors every time I get a chance. At Central Kitsap High School I feel welcomed and as if I belong. This school wants the learning environment to be welcoming and comfortable for their students, and they do an outstanding job of doing so. The teachers play a positive role in the students lives and are always trying to find ways for the students to succeed in any way possible. As a First Nations student (Mohawk) and President of the Native Council at CK, the school has been very accepting and understanding of my culture. CK has given me the opportunity to gain leadership skills through my role as president and has taught me to guide others along the path to success. I am truly grateful for all they have given me over the years.
I loved this school throughout my four years of attendance. The staff tended to be highly supportive and easily formed personal relationships with the students. While the academics would often become rigorous and intense, the staff members consistently supported students by any means possible, showing how deeply they cared about the physical and mental health of their students.
I made a lot of friends at my high school and had some pretty amazing memories. Some of the sports teams were amazing and the pep assemblies were always really fun. However, the administration was way too harsh on school dances and some of the teacher were awful and I barely learned from them. Also, the school has a lot of cliques and has a problem with inclusion.
I have always been a part of Central Kitsap District. I have always enjoyed the time I spent at school . I have felt at home with the close knit community that we have in central kitsap. The high school are many be separated by different but we are very close to each other
Good range of courses and lots of AP classes, also open to running start. Majority of math teachers aren't very good. Very accepting and focuses on equality frequently, no gender bias. Somewhat spirited school. Excellent swim program.
I've had a fairly good experience with Central Kitsap High School. I've attended the high school for all four years. Most people get along with one another, and not much drama occurs. However, only half of the teachers do an adequate job at teaching, most of who teach AP courses. The other half of "bad" teachers do a poor job at teaching the material, insufficiently care about their students' performance, and are sometimes disrespectful toward their students. One suggestion I have for Central Kitsap High School is to allow their students to rate as many teachers as they desire after each semester so that the school is more aware of the teachers' level effectiveness for their students' education.
in Central Kitsap, high school students are eligible to participate in many different curricular activities and sports. everyone can be involved in whatever it is they choose.
The school has a lot of opportunities for growth and becoming successful. It is big on taking AP classes and being involved with sports.
What can I say? It's a high school, it was full of cliques and unneeded drama but the actual education and resources that the teachers have available are admirable. Also, the clubs and sports teams are all fairly well funded and organized such as track, debate, or NHS. I am most impressed with the running start program available which allows students to take college classes for free and let me finish almost my complete general associates by the time I graduated. The counselors are hit and miss with how knowledgable they are on this program though, the first year he knew next to nothing but the second year I was assigned an extremely helpful counselor that recommended classes based on my future major.
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I had a great experience with some of the teachers at Central Kitsap High School. I enjoyed having the opportunity to participate in a rigorous AP program, as well as being challenged with high academic expectations. The one thing I would like to see change at this high school would be the school culture. Attendance was very low and I think a big part of that is students not being engaged or looking forward to attending school. Although Central Kitsap High School is great for academics, it lacks in other extracurricular areas.
Many Advanced Placement courses available to students. Highly qualified teachers and many extracurricular activities available.
This institution has a large variety of classes available. Staff and students get along well, as sports and extracurriculars are very common in the everyday life of a student. Many programs are available to students who come from diverse backgrounds, such as military dependents and low-income students.
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