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Central Jersey College Prep Charter School Reviews

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Overall, CJCP is a good school. It's good for people who prefer smaller classrooms, opportunities for taking advanced courses, being pushed to get higher test scores, and getting extra college application help.
I like this school because it provides students a great education and social involvement. This school ensures that students are ready for college. I'd like this school to offer more sport opportunities and clubs.
My school lacks diversity. They have a lot of white students and Indian. The minorities are looked down upon. An idea would be having teachers go to workshops that include how to deal with different students and situations. A big part of students going to school feeling like they are less than is because of the administration. The core classes in my school do not include honors courses, they have dual enrollment classes that make it impossible to pass with the amount of workload they give us. They also have AP classes that are helpful if passed. All of the classes are super challenging. The electives are super boring and they don’t have anything that is based on any career field. They have basics like music and art.
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What I liked was that this school prepares you for college. They do not let you slack and provide you with a lot of work that will make you prepared for tests and college. One thing that I don't like is how strict the school is. The teachers and administrators don't want to hear you or your explanations and can be close-minded. This school needs to work on their social opportunities especially sports and clubs but it does have potential. Like every school some of the teachers are helpful and others not, it just depends. I personally think this school is diverse as I've met people from every race, religion, and ethnic group.
This school is so horrible. They use unqualified teachers to fill in for staff that leaves to a new school. There are no sports, and no extracurriculars. The worst school I've been in by far.
This school isn't for everyone. I've heard countless times from various students that the school is trash, if the school pisses you off once, it will continue to. From the perspective of someone who constantly heard the grievances, and compliments of the school and has come to their own decision, the school honestly sits right in the middle. I personally feel that everything that matters such as the cafeteria food, the education, and the safety of the students was handled very nicely, aside from some notorious substitute teachers that are popular amongst every grade in the school.
It has all you need to learn. This school has a good 84% in reading academics. And the good, good school cares more for academics than sports. Yeah sports are fun. Well at least they have teams for sports, but the place should improve on the entrance. Sometimes the doors are too heavy to open.
This school has its ups and downs. On one hand, it is a very diverse school and you can get along with most of the students and teachers. On the other hand, management is a slump and students have very little say in what goes on. The building can sometimes have problems and rules established by the handbook change at the most random of times.
I have heard mixed reviews of the place. I understand the education quality comes down to the individual teacher but how reliable is the review of the teachers keep changing - which Charternschools are known for!
Teachers are good but current administration is bad, they only care about the money and overspending. They do not use the money where it is needed, they keep having studies done about expansion. The administration needs to focus in getting all issues hammered out before trying to expand enrollment or campuses. Administration was better a few years ago. School is getting worse instead of getting better. Blue Ribbon status was obtained by previous administration and for grades 6-12.
The administration in this school is unnecessarily strict. Often times they make rules, don't enforce them, and then change them within a year. Teachers are nice if you actively build a relationship with them. Grades are mostly inflated and if you try you will get high grades. They give you the classes you want most of the time. Administration does not allow many freedoms and do not interact with students at all.
The school helps involve students to gain a better education. The school has gotten students to take part in college credit courses. Central Jersey College Prep Charter School helps voice their opinions on the students' improvement and how can the student take a step further than what he or she has been doing. Currently, the school has taken part in helping students to take part in clubs and activities. By aiding the students to take a step higher than what the student is used to, the staffs work nonstop to get us closer to a higher goal. One thing that could help the school progress is if the staffs do not force the load upon the students. Instead, the staffs should aid the students to believe that they should accomplish the work themselves.
What I like most about my school are teachers. They taught with the passion of a lifelong teacher, someone who lived to inspire a love of learning in the next generation. Another good thing which I like to mention that makes my school be a special place is "diversity."

The only change I would like to see is the wide variety of foreign languages offered.
I like that you get to use chrome books for learning. I don't like that students opinions aren't really being heard or applied into the school. I'd like for the school to listen to students and not be so strict on the smallest things such as shoes or where to specifically walk.
Central Jersey College Prep was a fantastic School when Mr. T was the principal. Since the new principal, it’s not a happy place like it used to be. Principal doesn’t even know his own students and has taken many things away. Teachers are still good(except for a few).
I like that this school greatly prepared their students for a college education. This process began through middle school and increased as students got into high school. Not only did the school's education help prepare students with what to expect for college but most teachers were very supportive and caring of their students which was also good to have.
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Social-wise, CJCPCS is a very close community of students and faculty, so everyone usually knows everyone. It's a close group, making it easier to get to know your peers and make friends easily. Small class sizes also allow students to have one-on-one communication with their teachers, allowing them to receive help in a more relaxing setting than if placed among a large class. However, I would like to see change in administration and the way they view the student body. Even as a senior, it still becomes difficult to bring up certain topics or to discuss our own opinions without being ridiculed and ignored. We should be able to sit down with administration and be able to have a reasonable conversation where all of our opinions and views are respected without being shut down. Also, there needs to be more communication with the school and the student body and teachers, as major changes are performed that directly affect staff and the students, yet we are uninformed until days later.
I like how CJCP focuses on getting you into the college environment with the challenging work and the adaptation to technology to make it more accessible for students; however, I would like to have more club activity/club empowerment to perform activities that can raise awareness of the club and allow to raise funds for further club activity into the school, especially increasing student morale so that they genuinely enjoy learning in the environment CJCP provides.
The academics at this school are very challenging, yet rewarding and students take an abundance of college level classes to help prepare for a university level education. However more social clubs and athletic programs could help this school grow to even more of a potential.
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