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Central Islip Senior High School Reviews

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I started high school here and it’s so good. The people who have transferred likes it here. The teachers are nice and so are the students.
the thing that I like most about central islip senior high school is that every one is equal and that everyone has something to relate to. and that everyone is apart of a a group,club or a sport
Central Islip Senior High School is a diverse school with focus on both stem and the performing arts. Perhaps there could be more AP classes offered like AP Macro or Microeconomics.
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The things I find beneficial about my high school is that it’s very diverse. There you will find many different people with different ethnicities which helps prepare the students for the future. The thing that I don’t like about my school is the lack of seriousness with the security guards and the favoritism the teachers have.
I was guided by knowledgeable professors, notably one who helped me set the foundations of my character today by giving me room to grow and challenges to overcome both in my academic persuits but my creative activities as well.
Central Islip Senior High school was a a great school to be at. Diversity was a major thing in the school and nobody judge you for who you are. There are a lot of opportunities that they offer and events to be involved in. The academics are good but if those that are having some difficulty with there grades, we have tutors like students and teachers willing to take their time out to help a student after school or manage a time to help. The teachers are great and always trying to look out for the students and make them feel comfortable being here at school.
Central Islip is a home to many. Most of us have been together since elementary if not then middle school. So being able to grow up with familiar faces and seeing them every day in high school made everything a bit better. Who really likes to go to school? Not a lot of students but it’s about how the school is that makes us decide to go everyday. The cafeteria,gym, track and fields outside is one of the most best sightings at this school. Of course I cannot forget our music department, absolutely astonishing. The teachers at this establishment are like our second parents, they actually care and help us move forward. Senior year my English teacher made sure he spent a whole semester on perfecting everyone’s college essay and teaching us right from wrong. I appreciated this school and the wonderful people in it.
I liked the learning curriculum. I think it’s actually very organized & makes certain things easier.
Central islip is extremely diverse and essentially a melting pot of long island. The community is full of love and support.
I love how diverse the school is and how it helps create an environment for all to feel welcome. They have many sports such as cheerleading which deserves more recognition in the school. The food is edible.
With the support of the Principal, teachers, coaches, guidance counselor and staff at CIHS I am successfully going to graduated in June 2019, I must say that I have enjoyed my high school years and made life long friendships.
It was okay. I mean it wasn’t horrible we get a lot of hate for being ghetto but it really isn’t. The truth is that we just don’t have a lot of the things we need. Our citiculum is pretty standard compared to other schools. What we need is a larger school, there are so many kids and not enough rooms. We also need more good teachers we have some but we definitely need more. We also need better facilities our bathrooms are horrible. Not only that but the communication between students and teachers have to be stronger.
This is a great school if you can keep your head focused on school. There are many opportunities given to help the students out.
Diversity is the biggest and only thing the school has going for it. Are these reviews fake? Seriously. Every year Newsday puts out that CI school gets failing test scores, students simply do not care. There is a huge bullying problem that I endured all four years. Girls constantly get pregnant. People here really aren’t the brightest. They give diplomas to anyone here. I wouldn’t send my kids here if you gave me a million dollars
Central Islip High School did a great job at giving me a head start in college. They paid for my AP exams, and participated in college programs that would give anyone a head start. Personally, I didn’t find the atmosphere to be completely friendly at times— particularly when it came to traveling in the hallways. The school is slightly overpopulated but I suppose I was able to live with it. It just made everything take much longer. Despite the school’s large population, the staff managed to make things run smoothly for the most part. I would recommend this school to someone interested in college readiness.
I had a great experience at CIHS, but I have been told that the experience is much different for those not primarily enrolled in AP/Honors coursework. The teachers I have encountered have been amazing. Guidance counselors are a hit or miss. The more you're involved in sports and clubs the more you'll feel engulfed into the schools' culture.
It's a great school, very diverse, very open to opinions, rarely any bullying. It's a great school to be different in. I wish there was more involvement though. That's like the only problem.
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Teachers were available at all times if you needed them. For most teachers their main objective were to prepare us for life after high school.
Central Islip Senior High School is a fair and not so bad high school. You can meet many friends here actually and with my experience here; I'll say this school is sometimes crazy. Crazy in a good way because something new always happens. Their music, art, sports, and etc.; is a great wonderful chance also, to show people what you can do. Your talent can start there; to learn and improve more in to what you want to become in the future.
What I liked about my school, was that it was very diverse, full of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Though my school wasn't the fanciest school on long island, we have a lot of support from the community. Also, we have a tremendous amount of support from our teachers and other faculties. The school's sports teams all have a sense of family and I am proud to have participated in my school's swimming team and track team where our family was close and personal always having each others backs. So I am proud to be from my high school as well as proud to be called a musketeer.
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