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Central Indiana Teen Challenge Reviews

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Teen Challenge is a very helpful program. While my stay here I worked through life controlling situations and rebuilt family relationships. The staff were very involved in my process during my stay. They were always helping me out and talking through situations. Never once did I feel out of place there. It is a very home like structure and I feel as if I’m in a house myself. The schooling has helped me prepare for college by giving me a chance to study on my own and work through problems which had also given me the skill of problem solving and. They have helped me gain the confidence I once lost .
I worked at this place & it’s a MESS. It runs on fear. There is no joy. There is verbal abuse & questionable discipline methods. Anything the girls enjoy gets taken away. They were forced to share their trauma to the whole staff & if they didn’t, it was used as leverage against them moving forward in the program. They talk bad about parents & lie to them often. They are counseling girls though carefully say “mentoring” in paperwork. There was virtually no training for staff at all on anything. The school curriculum was a joke. It’s just busy work & the girls aren’t actually learning. There is nothing preparing them for college. Overall, the place just seemed to be creating more issues for the girls to deal with later. I saw pretty much no true Christian principles being displayed & no tactful ways of handling stressful situations or discipline. Also, the facility is falling apart, the smell of cat poop/vomit is very present, & the food was often inedible.
If you have a troubled teen do yourself and your child a favor and do not send them here. It's been years since I was in the program and I still am in therapy for issues made worse by central indiana teen challenge. It is not a rehab or behavioral treatment center it's a discipleship program. I still have nightmares.
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experiencing PTSD nightmares 5 years after attending, experienced abuse and manipulation and not feeling safe while in their care, still communicate with girls i went there with who experience the same nightmares and flashbacks
To be completely honest while I was there I absolutely hated it. Granted I was a 17 year old know it all. But looking back at the good times I've had there I think it's an amazing experience. Looking back I see it as an amazing opportunity to take what they offer and run with it. I still remember things I learned here.
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