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Honestly as somebody that went to Central Hinds from the beginning and finished out at the end this year, I think it’s a good school. I don’t care about how it stacks up to other schools, that’s just bogus. I had fun, I’ve proven I’m knowledgeable in a lot of areas, and I made a lot of friends. Bullying was a problem, but I’ve seen it shrink less and less every semester. Bad teachers were a problem, but I’ve seen them get gradually get weeded out and replaced by much better teachers. Athletics couldn’t have been better this year! We made it to the semifinals in football, semifinals in soccer, overall tournament in basketball, and the playoffs in baseball. Yeah, the school probably does pay more attention to athletics than it should, but can you blame them? We did really good haha. I would honestly recommend it to anybody that is interested. Cougartown is always going to be a home away from home for me.
During my time at CHA, I struggled with being bullied daily and there was never a thing done. I hear reports of other people being bullied all of the time and not a thing is done. I really wish someone would step up and actually start punishing these kids, but they won't because most of them are the popular athletes and they care more about sports than anything at that school. My senior year was the only enjoyable year because I was hardly ever there.
I had an okay experience at CHA during my four years there but it was due to the people I surrounded myself with, not the school. The academics are pretty much trash with the exception of a few good teachers. The only reason I managed to do well was because I am a naturally good student, not because the school was any good.
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I came to this school for seventh grade and graduated from here, I spent my previous years at competitive public schools. I will admit that when I first came here, I noticed many of the students who had always attended this school were completely lacking in basic subjects due to a lack of teacher involvement. However over the past few years, the school has done an outstanding job of recruiting gifted educators that are rapidly developing our academic futures. I was very pleased to finally see my school grow to an academic standard we could be proud of. The children that are coming up are becoming more knowledgeable because of their teaching staff. The school is lacking in a few things, such as diversity, but that is to be expected for a rural private school. They have a moderately friendly atmosphere compared to the common brutality you see among students at large public schools. Overall, it is definitely the best school, public or private, in the area.
The teachers and counselor were so awesome.
They made sure we did everything we needed to be prepared for college and that we did it on our own, they pushed us to be young adults.
I enjoy the school when it comes to the quiet groups. The teachers are amazing most of the time, except for a couple naggy ones. I enjoy the quiet groups because they are the people that will treat you better unless you enjoy bullying people. The only bad people would be the ones that get whatever they want and what mommy and daddy promise them.
We have felt so welcomed at Central Hinds. The school has spent approx. $60,000 to upgrade science labs and has upgraded technology with computer labs and laptop carts. We have been pleasantly surprised!
I have been here for seven years. I like my certain group of friends but sadly that is it. Compared to other schools this school is sub par. Student involvement sucks, and teachers could care less it seems. Im no where near college ready in my opinion. Even though I maintain straight As and Bs it means nothing. Sports come before anything at this school.
We have recently added school wide wifi. We could use some building and facility updates. There are a few college prep options, There aren't any in school tutoring options.
Overall it isn't bad. The only thing I think we need is a school nurse.
There is currently a waiting list to get in to our school. The tuition isn't too high but it isn't low. It costs me $352 per month to attend as a senior.
our school offers lots of sports to choose from. We have football, softball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, baseball, tennis, and track. We have a local 4-H club that offers shooting sports and showing livestock.
The principal should be a little more strict than he is. The guidance counselor needs to be nice to everyone, not just people she likes.
I have been bullied/made fun of most of my time attending the school. The people at this school are mean.
The elementary teachers are great, but the junior high and high school teachers aren't so great. There are some teachers that seem to struggle to get the job done, Most of the teachers don't push the students hard enough. They are too easy in some subjects. Most of the teachers will do what they can to help the students that are struggling.
The newer buildings are decent, but the overall foundation for the school is horrible and only getting worse. Sometimes it's difficult to find a parking spot and many people park in the grass. As of this year the school has gotten wifi and students are required to email their work to teachers, so the technology aspect is slowly getting better. The counselor doesn't do her job unless she likes the student who needs help. There are a few college-prep/dual credit (for college and high school) classes. No busing services, and families with money hold the most sway.
There aren't really many health concerns; everything is decently clean. As for safety, because the school is outside of town, not much goes on. A deputy sheriff works as a coach at the school, but the only things I even consider is a snake on the football field or someone playing a stupid joke and making my car alarm go off.
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There are only two clubs that I know of, and of those two only one ever does anything.
While the rules are pretty strictly held up, students whose family has money are usually privileged, along with students who have been at the school for a long time. The headmaster is very involved with every sport, making a point to attend as many games as possible and support the teams, and is also known for sitting in on classes. The counselor isn't very professional and is discriminating, only helping those students who are "popular" unless a student is firm and has their parent with them. Dress code is strictly enforced, bullying isn't tolerated and most students wouldn't stand to be bullied even if it was.
The academics are slowly getting better thanks to parents complaining. Sports, mainly football, have been the main concern since I enrolled. The school spirit and pride unites the students, and there is always some sort of activity to be involved in. Anyone who wants a friend can find someone, but not many people go out of their way to be friendly. If I could do it all over again I wouldn't change anything because of all the opportunities, such as dual enrollment classes at the local community college, that the school offers.
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