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Some teachers were good but some just shouldn’t be teachers at all. The cafeteria food wasn’t very good and the lunch ladies were disrespectful.
Overall, Central High School is a very good school. It is in the middle of Shenandoah County which is a small, safe county. There is good security at the school as well as good opportunities in the school. Over the past 4 years, I have gotten the opportunity to audition and perform in many different choirs, plays, and other performances throughout the state of Virginia. In addition to the arts opportunities, there are career advancement and training classes, preparing Central's students for the real world. The teachers are also fabulous. My only complaints are the lack of auditorium and poor teacher retention because of low pay. Otherwise, Central High School is a great school for students to attend.
I have had the honor to be a part of a new program at Central High. The program is the Bio-med Academy. This program was something I had to apply to, I had to go through an interview and also had to have a teacher recommendation. Since I was excepted into this program I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of new things about the science field. The classes I take are very rigorous and several are dual-enrolled. I have had the opportunity to go to INOVA Hospital to watch 2 open heart surgeries among-st other learning trips. The Bio-Med Academy has really prepared me better for my next step in life which will be going to college. I am very pleased with the Academy and everything that it has helped me with in trying to choose a major. Central High School is a great school and I am very happy to have been a part of it.
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I'm in my third year at Central High School, and I've had an overall good experience so far. There are a wide variety of classes offered, many helpful resources that can be found in the guidance office, and, for the most part, the environment as a whole is nice.
I love Central! They are so kind and the teachers are very well with all students. Everyone treats each other the same and there aren't many mishaps.
I would like to see more clubs, as of now there’s very few and the most basic clubs such as ffcla and FFA. I would also love to see more language taught too, such as German or Japanese.
Great teachers who are willing to help you succeed, great environment, and the community is small so you get to know everyone. School sports events help gather the community.
I think administration is awful and lies and covers things up constantly for kids they have picked out as their favorites.
It is an awesome school with a lot of memories that can be made. There are a lot of courses offered.
This was a great high school. It was small, and quite easy to get good grades. I loved it here. I am glad I went to a small school and not a large one. I felt like my teachers really knew who I was.
Central High School was an average school to go to. The classes offered were sufficient and they have added even more. However, I would not recommend this school based on diversity. There is virtually none. They sort you into two categories, college prospects, and non college prospects. If you come in the latter category, they do not care much about your advising and future, and will not make an effort to help, even if you are interested in pursuing a trade. Overall, it was sufficient but could be a lot better.
I think, despite the lack of funding the school receives, it does a fairly good job educating its students. The school is very competitive academically, has wonderful teachers, and definitely provides opportunities to students who seek to improve their future. Of course, as with any school, there are things left to be desired. That however, depends on what a student involves themselves in and how much they want out of their high school experience.
Central High School is overall quite average. Sports, especially football, are very important to the school community. However the funding for these seem to take away from the arts departments, as the theatre class does not even have a classroom, but takes place in the cafeteria. Academics are average, heavily depending on which teacher you have.
I transferred into public school as a freshman at Central and it was such a great experience. I quickly was put into the more advanced courses at Central and was able to adjust well and make friends in a great school environment.
I have enjoyed my time at Central. I am in the Biomed program and my teachers have been amazing. I encourage anyone interested in medicine to consider joining this program. The counselors have helped me with what I needed to advance my education to college.
I have enjoyed the 4 Years I have attends high school. I played on volleyball team and enjoyed the game but coaching wasn’t best. I have been in the music program for 6 years and have excelled. The music instruction is good. All in all a great high school experience.
I liked that it was very homey and folksy. I could relate to the teachers well and it's a small town feel. However, I didn't feel like I had a lot of educational opportunity.
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It's a reasonable good school. Although, it could become a bit better.
Central could have a broader foreign language selection. The school only has two languages, French and Spanish, which is unreasonable if a person thinks about it. Most schools have a lot more foreign language classes such as Rockingham County Schools.
I have talked to other students in my area that don't go to Central and they have a lot more freedom than we do. During lunch we are no longer allowed off campus unless a parent calls and says otherwise. At other schools in my area students just walk out of their classes and don't come back.
Guidance counselors at the school are a bit new they still need to improve a lot more especially with scheduling. Students at Central are having to take classes that they have already taken for no reason and the counselors say that they will change it but only switch the schedule itself around instead of taking a class out.
6-7 police officers at school
high commitment level for art club,realign club
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