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Personally I like central high. It’s barely my second year but I can tell the teachers care and want to help every student. Many after school clubs. Counselors help you get through classes. Some of my teacher inspire me to become someone important.
went there all four years it wasnt horrible but it was not the best. the teachers always helped to the best of their capabilities and the band was alright.
West Allis Central High School is a lovely place to go. The food is pretty bad, and there isn't much in the way of amenities, but when it comes to essentials there's nothing better. The teachers are lovely, kind and patient, and the programs offered are vast and many.
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A lot of the Honors and AP teachers are stellar, outside of that the staff is rather lackluster and do not control their classrooms. Students are pressured to take as many AP classes as possible. The school spirit is largely non existent, there is no discipline, and the list really goes on. The teachers and students are all aware of structural problems in the school building itself and the extreme disorganization amongst admin and it's frequently joked about. There is a plethora of problems at Central, but the staff really does amazing despite everything.
I personally enjoy the teachers who are mostly qualified for their jobs. It's either they give 110% percent into their jobs and care greatly for their students or they only care about getting through the school year. Otherwise, it's a nice school to go to and I've enjoyed my time there.
The opportunities I have been given throughout my 4 years have been outstanding. I have been able to exceed all expectations for myself and finish with a 4.33 GPA and be actively involved in multiple prestigious organizations
I feel that the environment in Central has changed,but for the best. We used to have the doors unlocked during school hours so students from other schools would be able to enter, but now they are locked. I feel more safe in my school. The diversity in the school is great by different races, cultures, religions and clubs. Everyone at Central is so involved with sports mainly with our basketball and football teams. We take spirit week for home coming very serious. Teachers are very helpful with what to do after school such as colleges and helping with applying.
I feel like our school goes above and beyond with security messure because they know that the students are there number 1 priority.
The extracurricular activities are Handel very well but since our school is not very good at sports we really don't get all the top notch things that other schools in our conference get. From experience they are very fun but it's a lack of committment and if you were to walk around our school you would see a lot of promise talent that don't come out to play sports.
I feel the teachers at my school go above and beyond what they are suppose to do. They try to teach different way so they can make sure that we understand what they are trying to teach us. I feel that they a very well organized and know what they are doing. They wanna see every student do their best and would go the extra mile to make that happen. They always try to keep our grades up to date so we can know how we're doing in class. They communicate with us very well in and outside of school if we're doing bad or need help on something.
High School teachers for me was the 50-50 concept. I had a few outstanding teachers that were there to work with you and help you. Most of the time the teachers are there to either get a pay check or don't know how to teach students in an effective way so that students understand the material that is given to them. That is not including the environment that students are in as well. Many teachers are sometimes easily distracted by students who don't want to stay in school and have to focus their attention on just getting the class to pay attention and not on the lesson.
I feel safe while I am there
I play in the pit during the musicals and I love it, besides that I work right after school so I'm not the person to ask past that one activity.
My experience at Central has been wonderful, but the most exciting aspect, and the main reason I would come back, is because of orchestra. Being a part of Central's orchestra made my high school career. The people I got to become friends with, the trips I went on, and the songs I got to learn made every bad part of Central bearable. If anything else, orchestra is what made my four years the best at Central.
I personally find that most of the teachers at Central are excellent teachers, discrediting the small few who due their bare minimum requirement. Almost all of my past and present teachers have helped me understand topics I was confused on, encouraged me to do better, and was there for me, even for outside of school problems. I couldn't have asked for a better teaching staff through my four years at Central.
Bullying is prominent in every place where you have multiple groups of people. No one can stop it, but Central does try and keep bullying to a minimum and prevent it. I feel very safe at Central and I know if needed I could talk to any of the staff about a problem.
There is always some sort of sport going on and anyone is welcome to tryout and most people make one of the teams. (JV or Varsity) If you don't make the team you are always welcome to support the team and cheer them on. Cheerleaders are always appreciated on the sidelines. If you aren't into sports there are also many clubs that meet after school. There are clubs for all different things: art, gay-straight alliance, book club, etc. There is also tutoring after school that anyone can attend and get help from teachers or peers.
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The staff makes Central a great place, but sometimes the kids are what ruin the experience. Some kids don't care about their own education and they don't care if they ruin other people's. Central has lots of fun activities and great school spirit. All the kids can band together to create school spirit, that's one thing that most kids try really hard to have.
Most of the teachers at Central are kind, helpful, and care about their students. They work hard to make Central a good place to learn. I appreciate how much the teachers care even when some students give up.
My overall experience at this school is pretty memorable. If you are an outgoing student you meet many different people through clubs and sports. This school is very diverse and I don't know I single person who doesn't have a friend. Teachers are very helpful and care about the students education. Events at this school are loads of excitement and fun. I'm very happy I attend West Allis Central High School and never wish to be any where else.
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