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Central High School is a little school located in Wartburg, Tennessee. The teachers want to see their students succeed, and will go lengths to help them with their future. Although going to Central High is a wonderful learning experience, the lack of diversity is upsetting. It's primarily white, which I think makes the few colored people who attend uncomfortable. My hope is that eventually there will be more diversity in the school, so everyone feels equal to one another. The school is also conservative, making the few liberals feel in the dark. I would love to see different kinds of people. Everyone looks out for each other. We have various clubs; art, history, robotics, and Spanish are all clubs I can vouch for. We only have a few sportsteams, which I would like to see change as well. I'd like to see soccer and swimming. The cafeteria ladies are passionate about what they do, and the food is amazing. The school has lots of potential to grow.
Wartburg is a good school for the most part. Many of the teachers are very kind and will always help you out if needed. I only gave a 4 out of 5 because of the very few opportunities we have.
The teachers here are awesome and the lack of homework is much better than being swamped with book work every night. Though the office staff tend to be corrupt in favoring sports oriented students over all else.
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Central High School is a small school in the beautiful city of Wartburg. The teachers are very helpful and want to help you succeed. Dual enrollment is available for students to help better prepare them for college as well. The teachers make sure that academics are kept entertaining for students. I do wish that more clubs and sports were available for students though. Overall this school offers great experiences for all!
There are great teachers present at the school but poor faculty and management chase the few competent educators away, leaving the school with subpar education opurtunities for students.
The teachers are amazing and they really care about their students. I wish the music classes were supported more.
Central High School is a fantastic school! Students who attend are given many unique educational opportunities including academic clubs in the subjects of Spanish and History, after-school ACT Prep for Science, Math, and English, and dual enrollment classes offered through Roane State Community College! Central High School also offers a myriad of recreational clubs that catch the interest of a manifold of students including a tabletop RPG club, a sewing club, and a Theater Arts club. On top of all of that, the teachers are warm and welcoming, eager to provide the best education they possibly can. If you're looking for a well-rounded learning experience in a comprehensive and stimulating environment, Central High School is the institution for you!
Central High is a small public school with lots of potential and oppuritunity. Everyone knows everybody and you've gone to school with most of these people since Kindergarten. There is always someone to help you and you can talk to teachers one-on-one anytime. We even have Chromebooks that we can do our notes and work on. I guess the only thing I would change is the lunch food.
Most teachers just dont want to be bothered, Mr Brown, Mr yeary are really good and helpful. There is no staff support of overall athletics in the school. This teacher likes and supports one sport and another teacher may be for something different, there is no overall support of any club, organization or sports. At our school if you play basketball you have it made, we are known as a "basketballl" school.
We have a career and vocational school about 3 miles away from our campus which offers many classes related to TCATs and schools along those lines. We have an Entrepreneur program that was recently added to our options. Another program that is helpful to students is dual enrollment. We have a Roane State Community College campus 2 minutes away from the high school which offers classes that you can get in only if you have a certain score on your ACT.
Since we are such a small town, most of us agree on most topics. Most of us are Southern Baptist with a little bit of a country side. We have our talents that we stand out in, but most of them are not the same. We do get along, but we get into disagreements occasionally.
We have multiple clubs such as FCCLA, National Beta Club, DECA, Fishing Club, FCA, and multiple sports. During our basketball and football seasons, we have a lot of support, but when our spring sports come around, the support isn't as strong. Administration is very supportive of our clubs and sports.
We have very involved students. We like to do multiple activities when we are allowed. Pep rallies get the most participation during our Spirit Week. What makes this school unique is when something tragic would happen, we all came together to support each other. We had two students pass away in the same school year and the whole school came together to support one another. We raised money for the families to help with costs. We all care for each other no matter how different we are. So yes, I would definitely go to this school is I could do it all over.
I was ill prepared for college due to the unchallenged education system.
The only particular events that local parents are greatly involved in is sports.
I found that this high school did not properly challenge many of the students. I have attended many other schools in areas much like this and the education system was much better than this one. Overall, this is a good school for those not looking to advance education or expect to attend a Vocational College.
The inconsistency of teaching leaves students to lack motivation; most days there is no point in showing up. There are some students that get attention, however most do not. The counselors leave certain students out of opportunities they deserve, and the school system is corrupt.
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It is a small school and I like that. Everyone knows everyone and its okay for the most part. I think it does lack the level of education compared to other schools in surrounding counties.
There are a few good teachers at this school but some are just there for the paycheck.
I co-op to another school for ROTC
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