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I love going their every Monday through Friday it's fun and supporting and they have hard working staff.
I like how small the community is. We really get to know each other on a personal level. The teachers help most people when they seem to be struggling. Although, some of the faculty mostly cares about sports rather than your education. If you are not into sports, then you are seem to be less special than the others. Also, the bathrooms are disgusting and the food is terrible.
People are nice. Most teachers are easy to get a long with. Does not prep you in any way for college. You have to ask lots of questions to find out what is needed to do.
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Very rude students, lots of drama and snobby people. Food is gross and most teachers can barely teach.
The extracurricular activities at this school were not very broad. This was due to the lack of teacher involvement. Not many teachers were interested in starting clubs and organizations for the students.
I really enjoyed the students at the school. Even in negative situations, we came together and had strong school pride.
The teachers at this school did not go above and beyond, however they did teach the materials required. Some teachers did not seem to care about helping students that were struggling. Not many of them reached out to those who needed extra help.
Central is a school that lacks the knowledge to prepare students for college. I wouldn't choose this school if I had to do it over again. I want attend a school that will help students with their future goals. Teachers don't assign homework so the students will have an understanding of what is required to learn subject matters.
The teachers at Central is doing their job, but I often wonder if they could do better. Today, teachers teach according to the SOL standards, but don't have time to teach all of the basic that is need to be productive in society. The amount of material to cover in the classroom during a certain period is more than the students can actually comprehend.
Recently the school had some changes and the administration is picking out certain students to discipline instead of the ones who actually need it.
I wish the school board in Bibb county would get their act together and stop letting their good teachers go when they upset them. I have gone through three physics teacher in the past two years and next year will be our fourth. I need physics to graduate but how can I do that when we're losing teachers left and right?
I feel as if the cafeteria could provide many more options, as well as more variety in the different types of foods for differing students. There was good variety in the types of lunches served per week, but barely any options for snacks or healthy choices. Often times, cafeteria workers would not allow students to buy extra entrees if they were still hungry. The quality of the food was good on most days, but some days it was evident that it was simply re-cooked from previous days. Overall, the lunch was normally satisfactory and fulfilling.
I feel well prepared and educated within the world
Teachers provide a beneficial curriculum!
There is often no new promotion or motivation to join new clubs.
A lot of the teacher are good people, but they usually don't have the student's well being in their best interest.
This school did not prepare me for the real world at all. But guidance department was there to handle my grades.
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I carried my lunch during my entire junior and senior years there. The cafeteria food is not edible.
I had a good experience at this school, but the staff tends to cater towards favorites and favoritism. Overall the school has many good people there working as teachers, who do their best to help students and prepare them for the future. Football games and prom ar two of my favorite experiences that I have had at this school. The entire art department work day and night to make sure that prom is beautiful!
Cultural diversity needs improvement at this school.
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