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When people start high school they’re usually so excited. They can’t wait to experience everything that comes with being in high school. Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life. Now that I’m months away from graduating, I can’t say they were my best years but I can say they were my most educational years, of course I wouldn’t say that they weren’t fun because they were.
It is a wonderful school for academics and especially sports but i was not involved in sports but i did enjoy bonding with the wonderful staff of central and participating in the school activities. The school staff especially counselors really helped when I and other people needed help and enthusiastic during events.
Central is a good school, we have an amazing basketball team. Our academics are great and we are the only school in our district to offer IB classes. We also have Dual Enrollment where you can go to local colleges and take college courses while still in high school. Overall we are a great school.
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Central overall is a great school but it could use a lot more organization. The staff is very close with their students which creates a very "homey" environment.
Within the city of Tuscaloosa, Central has a bad reputation. It was labeled as failing school, described as "ghetto", and made out to be violent. Despite having four siblings and many cousins graduate Central, I listened and believed all the things people would say about Central. Walking into Central High School, was a big cultural shock. The students, teachers, and the environment were not the same as the students, teachers, and environment at the two schools, I previously attended. I was exposed to a different culture, which was monumental and changed some of the personal views on I had about people in life. At Central High School, I have learned that the things people say about it are not true. Central High School is a place of excellence, with many opportunities.The environment is very familial and everyone is so supportive. The administrators interact with students, every day and because of that, we're able to establish personal connections.
I really love Central High School. They have very good teachers who make sure they teach us what we need to know. They are not lazy and they never miss days of school. We have an awesome principle. We make sure every once in a while that we have a little entertainment. For example, fun days, pep rallies, talent shows, and many more activities. There are never fights at our school and the students get along very well. The kids at our school make very good grades because they always pay attention in class, they never talk too much or be on their cell phone the whole time. They do their homework as soon as they get home from school which is the best thing to do.
Everything about central high school was GREAT. With no doubt this is the best high school ever. The environment,teachers,and students will literally make you never want to leave this school. Dr. Clarence Sutton,the principal of this fine establishment, makes sure that every student that comes to central has a great high school experience throughout their entire 4 years there. Central also has an IB program which is very uncommon among the high schools in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
The teachers really want to see the students do great things after high school with all the resources Central High School provides.
I transferred to Central my junior year of high school. Central taught me so much. Academically, they are great. Smaller class sizes and one on one sessions with teachers. The principal gets to know each and every student. The counselors are hands on and answer every question no matter how small.
The school itself was overall good. The teachers and other staff members provide a great support system to each child.
There are many things to like about school, but my favorite is Social Studies. I love learning about World War ll, and American History. I also like
learning about different countries, and government. That is my favorite subject about school. My teachers also encourage me to learn and care about my
grades and work.
I would like to see Central High School become more diverse and to be more student focused. It would also be nice if it could become more student involved. Also, the school could focus more on preparing students for college and life on there own.
Central High School has been an absolute great 4 years for me . Since I've been attending Central they given multiple opportunities for academic scholars such as Advancement Placement and International Baccalaureate. Also Dual Enrollment from Stillman College and Shelton State. Our Adoptive sponsor from Randall Reilly has been a blessing to Central High School and our Student of the Month.
Central High is a extremely sport orientated school. The people there are very friendly and kind and we all have at least one thing in common to each other. The teachers are very nice and are friends to the students, although they are nice they still make do our work and push us to the best of our ability. Yes, some people doubt us as a school but to me, Central High is the best, family friendly, and an amazing school to be apart of.
I love my experience at Central. I just wish it was more organized, and had better staffing. Other than that, I love it!
The teachers are very helpful. They have their own way as teaching, but if a student does not learn the way they teach they are willing to change a little. The teachers are well educated. All teachers grade the same.
Attending Central High School has been a good experience. We have more opportunities than others schools; everything dealing with education is mostly free here. What makes this school unique is the staff are determine to help the students pass and began their future and they also care for the students. I would choose this school again because they make sure they help the students but also make sure they help themselves instead or doing the work for them.
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The cheerleaders are getting better. The football and baseball team is too. The girls basketball team was the runner up for the championship last season.
I love my school. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It feels like a really big family.
The teachers make sure the environment is friendly and that the students are comfortable. I love it there. I will really miss it when I go
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