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Tulsa Central High School is the Best Arts School in Tulsa, Ok. Arts of Dance, Music, Arts, and fashion Design. The Central High will get you ready to Entertain and to the best in my Society. Not only is Tulsa Central the best School we are a family of Braves.
My experience with Central was actually fun being there I was able to learn a lot because of my favorite teacher Mr. Black. He taught me everything I know today thanks to him I'm trying my hardest to reach my dream goals.
I had a good experience at central all 4 years were spent there and I learned a lot from my peers and teachers . I would love to see better funding to be able to expand centrals influence into the community with our groups such as leadership and 100 black men youth group . There are a lot of programs that are helpful and unique to all the students and with better funding central could really help prepare students for the future and life beyond High school .
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I loved the band because I am a music type of person myself. I am currently in the Langston university marching pride band. something I would want to see change is better textbooks, and raise teachers pay.
The Staff and Teachers care about the education but the most of the students ain't worried about there education all they want is a good laugh from talking about each other.
When I finally entered high school at Central in the fall semester of the 2015-16 school year, I was greeted with more opportunities such as being picked for National Honor Society, joining a STEM program, and Winning the 2nd place prize in a local poetry competition. The following year I resumed my position as Historian in Central's chapter of NHS, I was chosen for an interview about one of Central's many STEM programs on the morning segment of our local news channel, Good Day Tulsa, and even started my own in-school business of selling drinks and snacks to my fellow classmates (an operation that was later discontinued due to funding issues). This year I am still in NHS, I've re-joined the Student Council team and I have recently been selected to be a part of the cabinet of the superintendent of Tulsa Public schools, Dr. Deborah Gist. So, I'd say that Central High School has done well to benefit my high school career and the rest of my academic future.
Central High School has a pretty bad disciplinary problem and nothing really is being done about it. A lot of teachers quit here because of the disciplinary problems and the poor administration. A teacher literally shown up for the first day of his/her job and quits in the first hour or first class. I honestly would not recommend this high school to anyone because of the pretty poor quality of education and administration.
My experience at Central High School was very cool. I liked the administrators and faculty they helped students with guidance and passing levels of academics. The best thing that I liked about Central was the school pride. Even though our school wasn't independent or stable enough to celebrate within money wise we always had a strong love for each other. Our growth within the years were really prosperous and joyful. The one thing that I would change about Central High School is the lack of cafeteria food. Our cafeteria food was very unpleasant. Sometimes we would only have one chicken leg for lunch and some vegetables and the food would be cold. I would plan a on-campus food truck where the students would eat on campus but, get served food with a delightful taste.
The nurse needs to care more about how students are feeling instead of thinking students are faking just to stay out of class.
They're great but barely any students participate.
Central high school is really not that bad. It is the students that are in it that ruins the reputation of Central. My high school years at this school were good. I miss it now that i graduated.
Some teachers don't communicate with students that are failing or even try to help them boost their grade. Other teachers treat you like their own and do everything to keep you from failing.
we have a very popular marching band, our basketball team is undefeated and our art program is amazing.
my experience at central has overall been a true blessing. I love all my classmates.
Central high is one of the best schools in Tulsa Oklahoma. the teachers are caring and very flexible.
The after school activities that are provided at Central are falling into all kids of sports and they have academic bowl, national honor society etc.
The teaching staff at Central High School care about each and every one of us who attend Central. They always make sure we understand each lesson that they handout, they even offer tutoring after school hours to make sure we understand and don't fall behind in our education.
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Our school is a great school
I just wish student will come to school to learn instead of distracting others from learning. But other then that we have some good teachers who are there to help us get far in life.
There is a hand full of students who are doing good as far as academics. Majority of the kids just don't care.
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