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Throughout high school I felt I was provided with the resources to grow and learn. I felt comfortable with all of my teachers and truly felt like they were there to help me.
A lot of things are nice about Central; lots of great teachers, many opportunities, new additions every year, and many financial options are offered (AP test cost help, free calculator rentals, etc) for low-income families. The only complaints I have are the state of the bathrooms and a skewed level of staff effort depending on a student's academic ability, i.e. lower-performing students receiving more future-based help than higher-performing ones, such as with college applications. As for the student body, Traverse City is inherently a very homogeneous area, which seems to leave many students with a narrow perspective on other cultures and ideas, but otherwise most students (at least higher up) are respectful and engaged.
Central is a solid public high school that offers its students all of the opportunities they need to be successful in life. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of a newly constructed public or private school, but it is not dated featuring a nice library and new auditorium. I think that Central is a great example of stellar public education at work!
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Overall, I think my experience at Central did an adequate job of preparing me for college. It offered a decent array of classes and extracurricular options, and after a little work (and, admittedly, switching counselors), I was able to customize my schedule to challenge myself with AP and honors classes. My favorite part about Central, though, were the extracurriculars, particularly the thriving arts program. I spent 4 years in every musical program I could get my hands on, and the combination of amazing teachers, dedicated students, and great opportunities allowed me to actually enjoy some of my time in high school.
Traverse City Central High School offers everything from a world class rank room and competitive sports teams, to a extravagant auditorium unlike any high school auditorium you've seen before. In terms of education, Traverse City Central High School is nationally ranked. The school has specialty programs like Sci-Ma-Tech further encouraging STEM and offers students the opportunity to take free college classes at the local community college and career tech center. Also, the student life will not disappoint you. Traverse City Central High School is located a short five minute walk from Lake Michigan and even has an open campus so students can eat at the extensive amount of restaurants downtown.
A decent public high school with plenty of advanced AP and honors classes. Provided opportunities to also attend classes at NMC for credit at the high school as well as college credit hours.
The students can be very “clicky” and the admin favors the more popular students over the ones who aren’t that popular (for instance: the skinny popular people don’t get dress coded but the bigger students do), but the teachers are amazing and there are many options to choose from (whether it’s for classes or clubs) and the sports are great, although there can be some favoritism there too
everyone who I have interacted with was extremely kind and helpful, the teachers care for their students and want them to succeed. I personally recommend the music program and joining the school musicals each year, it is a great way to make friends and earn credibility in the school.
I liked the administration, they are new and very nice and helpful. Some teachers are not very good at teaching students but most are great. It's an good environment but doesn't have lots of extracurricular clubs, but they do have lots of activities.
The school has tons of activities for students to get/stay involved. The teachers are awesome and the student life is pretty positive.
I can't pretend that TCC is a really high-performing school overall, but for students who are ready to take advantage of what it has to offer, it is enough to prepare them for future studies at competitive colleges.
I would say that the majority of students are accepting of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. However, the population is such that minority groups are very much under-represented.
Personally, I can think of nothing I would have like to participate in that the school did not already offer.
Not positive I would repeat four years at Central High, but I felt that TCC offered me a pretty good balance of school-work, extra-curriculars, and socializing.
Overall, the teachers at Central High School are devoted to their work, friendly, and knowledgeable on their subject.
Teachers are caring, helpful, and want the students to learn and understand the material.
The have Anti-Bullying training in advisory, cameras for security which are monitored, check who goes in and out during lunch, run drills for emergency protocols, drug-sweeps, pretty much everything covered
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There is a wide variety and lots of support even to the academic extra-curriculars such as robotics, newspaper, etc
AP and Honors courses + the teachers of the courses + FIRST Robotics Team and the awesome mentors + basketball coaches and team = <3
What made the school great was the AP or Honors teachers who care about their students, are very knowledgeable, and incorporate engaging activities in class.
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