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CHS (Central High School) is the best high school experience anybody could ask for, I couldn't ask for anything better!
CHS is the best school ever, Thanks Central High School for being such a great school, I would never choose to go to any other school in the district!
Central High School is a very lovely school, it has nice teachers, nice students, and a good community.
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I love my school and have a lot of school spirit, just like everyone should! All of the teachers and staff are so nice and easy to talk to. They make it easy to schedule after school tutoring as well! There are multiple resources for almost anything you need! But, there are some things that could be made better. Our building is old, and needs some renovations, but it’s really cool to see all of the old wood work!
I really loved the principal, Dr. Cowen. He was always smiling and truly made my mornings better with his singing and positive attitude.
I loved the feeling of family, I have never seen a school so full of pride to wear the colors white and blue. At every event you had the time of your life singing with your friends and cheering on the football, basketball, volleyball, or baseball teams. I truly wish we had more funding, we can have an incredibly better learning environment if we were able to have more funding.
I enjoyed the relationships that were made and the large sense of community found in this school. Being on a sports team showed me what real teamwork looked like and it also showed what real friends looked like. I would recommend the people coming to get as involved as possible. This is the easiest way to meet amazing people and have a strong support group to go through high school with. I would change that some teachers lose hope of some students. Many students in lower level classes will not be as enthusiastic about school. This allows some teachers to be more careless about the student because they know that the student does not care. I have not experienced this myself but I have heard this from some of my peers.
All my teachers have shown me care and respect when I am struggling and have helped me through me educational problems.
Central high school in St. Joseph, Missouri is a large high school with a lot of diversity. The teachers are educated, but due to class size you don’t get very much one on one attention. Students who need tutoring, etc would not do well at this school.
I would say that Central High School was a good school aside from the problems with the School District itself. For 10 years the superintended was committing fraud and embezzling money so the resources for the students probably wasn't as good as it could have been and a lot of us had to miss out on basic resources such as air conditioning that other schools had.
I enjoyed the overall education I received from Central High school. Most of the teachers genuinely care about the students, want to see them succeed and teach the information well. There were quite a few teachers that this seemed to be the opposite for. The fine arts are good. The annual school musical is also well directed and made, Big Fish being spectacular. Most of the students are not nice, overall school culture is not very good. Being rude and not caring about others seems to be the social standard.
Though it was not perfect, I have enjoyed my four years at Central High School a lot. One of the best parts about my experience was the classroom and the great teachers that I've had. They were good helping me grow as a learner, but they were even better at helping me as a person. This also leads to the great spirit and traditions we had at Central. We were not the powerhouse in our conference in sports or academics, but our pride was still strong. Pep assemblies, football games, and homecoming all had amazing turnouts and made me proud to be an Indian. Our school is not all perfect, though. The building is over 100 years old, and a good portion does not have air conditioning. The classrooms, bathrooms, and interior are all outdated. This is an issue that our community is working to resolve, but at the moment is still a large issue. Nonetheless, my experience at Central has been amazing, and I will never forget it.
Central has been a great experience for the past four years . There has been so many activities and great memories for me to remember while I move on into my life.
I would like to see the college readiness change. They do not prepare us besides one class called "college 101" Although it's a great class its only one semester.
Central High School offers an excellent academic experience with teachers who outperform other schools. The student body, while large, helps to make everyone feel included with the vast amount of student lead clubs and organizations the school sponsors. Going to Central High School has prepared me perfectly for college or a job after my secondary education is finished.
I was really excited when I started freshman year here at Central. The teachers were really nice to me and they help me as much as they can. Personally, I played soccer so I was excited when season rolled around. I was JV as a freshman and we had a really good season. I also met a lot of people and met friends that are still my friends.
It’s an ok school, it just doesn’t get the money it needs to thrive. Most of the rooms don’t have air conditioning, the bathroom stalls are often missing the lock on the door, the arts programs get less funding, just little things that could be fixed if they could afford it.
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I've had a great experience in central i've had good and bad teachers but most of all the people here are great. The only problem i have with central is sports because it's usually not based on if your good or not you usually only play if the coach likes you or if you have money.
I graduated from Central last year, and my experience at Central allowed me to feel very at home. I was surrounded by the community that I grew up in/around, and that was very refreshing. However, the part of town the school as located in was not very safe at all times, so that was a downside to the school.
I really enjoyed the many memories I was able to create through the traditions held at Central High. I also was very blessed with an amazing group of teachers in my upper level classes. I do wish the administration would work harder to ensure that the safety of students is their number one priority.
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