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Good IB program and a good place to experience diversity. Just graduated as a part of the IB program and I was very happy with my experience. I feel that attending this school was a great way for me to grow as a person.
I love the diversity that Central offers, but the atmosphere there was too negative for me. The teachers were great and helped the students out as much as possible, without overstepping but the kids there were not disciplined or mature.
Overall Central is a great school with passionate educators and students. It’s academic and arts programs are some of the best. However, the divide between International Baccalaureate (IB) students and non-IB students is a sore spot for the school.
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Central is such a wonderful and diverse school! From the day I walked into the oldest high school in Springfield, Missouri, I felt welcomed and valued as a student.
I like that the teachers were helpful and that i could make friends easily there. They would also hold diversity concerts to show awareness which i thought was awesome. Everyone there would have a chance to be who they want to be.
I like how much diversity there is and how many clubs and programs Central offers. Thanks to Central I have been able to discover myself and my interests more, and along the way I've made plenty of friends. Central is such a loving community where the teachers genuinely care about their students and wants to see their students succeed.
This school prides itself on the diversity of its student body, and it has good reason to! I always enjoy meeting people from many different backgrounds, bringing their unique cultures with them through the hallways and commons. Most of the students here are very open-minded, hard working, and always in support of one another. Everybody at the school can find a club, team or group which suits their interests as a result of Central's widely accepting population. I've definitely enjoyed the time which has been spent here so far, and would without a doubt recommend CHS to others.
I felt that it was a very good experience, and that the IB program has prepared me well for college.
I was in the I.b. program that Central offers. It was a great experience to be surrounded by driven students. The architecture of the building alone is beautiful. I loved all of my teachers.
At Central, for the most part, the students and staff are amazing. The teachers genuinely care and are there to help you.
Central High School provides a fairly average high school experience. There are a few neat things about it, but I wouldn't call it outstanding. I would like to see a smaller divide between the IB students and the other students. They are never put together in social settings besides PE which fosters prejudice. The IB group is also very close nit and the largest friend group, so they often win elections and the rest of the student body is not well represented. The superiority of your academics also depends on whether you attend the IB program or not. Teachers outside of the program are not as well educated, and in my experience, do a poor job. IB teachers are excellent, and while I do not know, I would be surprised if they weren't paid a significant amount more.
This is my third out of what will be seven years at Central, and the school has many spectacular attributes. They are an International Baccalaureate Diploma and Career Programme School, with a Middle Years Program for freshman and sophomores. They also have the Springfield Scholars Program (SSP), which I participate in. It is a program for gifted students (you must test in) in grade 6-8. There are are about 40-45 middle schoolers per a grade taking both accelerated self-contained classes and advanced high school classes. Central also has a long history, as it was founded in 1893, and has gone through several additions and renovations, making it, as far public high schools go, and architectural masterpiece. We also have a debate team that is consistently ranked within the top three nation wide. Around 17% of the school has or does participate in speech and debate. The areas that leave something to be improved are the food and administration.
Central is extremely diverse in its education and its students. It allows everyone to feel like they belong.
Central High School is an amazing school! They are inclusive of everyone and the teachers are there to actually help you learn, not to just hand out papers for you to fill out. Another thing I love about Central is the diversity the school has.
I love Central. My school is very diverse and cultured and offers a great education. I am currently an IB student at Central and I can confirm that all of the teachers and other faculty members really do care about education.
The school has a diverse array of programs and students. Niche groups are able to form in the student body and resources are available for those looking to push themselves. My only problem is the IB program. Toxicity forms around this in the unhealthy competition in students and the obvious bias of administrators to those in the program. Over all wonderful, But mental health can slip from being the top priority at times.
The school is really good. Diverse for Springfield and decently good staff. Unfortunately, the students can really suck and it seems like there's nothing done about it. Some people get in trouble for super trivial things and some people get in no trouble for things that they should get in trouble for. It's an issue.
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Central High school is a school that mainly focuses on the arts, way more than the athletics and I think that's amazing. The teachers genuinely care for their school and they try to be involved.
Lovely building, supportive teachers, great atmosphere! The IB program is rigorous and challenging, perfect for the gifted student. If you are looking for a welcoming environment to further your education in, look no further than Central High School. #BulldogNation
Central has supplied me with unforgettable experiences and everlasting memories. The student body is involved and active in the events occurring within the building, as well as the community. The diversity is remarkable and the friends I've made at Central will always hold a special place in my heart. I would recommend this school to anyone without any hesitation. The opportunities presented within the school are endless and there is no limit to your involvement. There is truly something for everyone at Central.
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