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Central high school is a really good school for your kids to go to. Central has great teachers that will help you get a good education and the teachers will always help you if you need more help on your work they try to help you actually understand the lessons instead of just assigning bunch of work that you don’t understand. The students at Central are great they are super nice and fun to hang out with and actually try to achieve their goals. Central also has really athletic students and they keep getting better at all their sports through out the years. Central is a small school where everybody pretty much knows everybody and gets along and has fun for the most part and the staff are pretty awesome if I do say so myself...
Some things I liked about Central was the community, the environment, and the people. The community was very involved, whether it was sports or something tragic happened. We always came together as a family and worked things out. The environment is also healthy. Everyone tries to be a good leader, and help others. We lend a hand when someone's needs it, and always look out for each other. The people are also a great aspect of Central. Everyone is uplifting, and works hard. We show school spirit every chance we get, at school and out of school. Central was just like another home for me, and that is why I chose to graduate, and build my life there.
I love this school so much
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The school has become a safer place in the last two years. If you are late, a visitor, or a concurrent student you have to go through the front doors and be ringed in if you get their after the first bell has rung. The security measures are taken very serious and we always have an officer on grounds in case of an emergency.
The options of food are healthy. The ladies in the cafe really follow the health laws passed and even give you the option of a sandwich. The sandwich is usually turkey and cheese to ham and cheese. We do not have a salad bar, but you get the option of a salad in the lunch line. The lunch ladies are very good at their jobs.
There are so many opportunities to get involved in the extracurricular activities. We offer FCCLA, indian club, spanish club, student council, band, and others. They all really help get the student body involved. The two top level actives would be FCCLA and student council, because they get everyone, even the community, interacting together and creating awareness for things like breast cancer. Before we can do anything in any club or organization we have to get it approved through administration. They work well with us and usually we get all activities passed for the month.
The academics offered at Central are diverse. You can take all kinds of classes and still get all the credits you need to graduate. The teachers are welcoming, and no one has the exact same education path but you still get all the basics you need.
All the teachers care a lot about you. They do what they can to help you out. They wait for every student to comprehen what they are teaching. Usually they don't follow any of their original rules but they make it fun.
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