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A few issues but overall a great school with lots of opportunities for students to learn and grow. Some safety issues throughout the years I have attended.
Overall, I really found my time in Central to be enjoyable. Over the four years spent there, I managed to forge meaningful connections with not only fellow students but staff members as well. The music program is wonderful and very well lead; l I cannot express the amount I learned as a part of the band program. However, there is still more the school can improve upon, such as the lack of diversity and the only recent inclusion effort with the formation of a GSA.
While Central is a great school, especially considering the others in the district, improvements can still be made.
Central High School is one of the best in Kenosha County, though that does not make it a good one. Sure, there are no visible fights that go on in the halls but much goes on that you can't see. There is bullying, but because it's not 'reported' administration does nothing. We are considered to be a BYOD school, yet if too many computers are used, the server crashes. There are gaps in our academic program-- your education depends on the teacher you are assigned to; which is obviously WRONG. All teachers need to have the same coursework and grading system. There is much drug use and vaping on the property and usually, students never get caught. Overall, I feel safe being a student at Central. This year, there is a new guest policy, meaning people have to have a background check before entering the building. Again, still one of the best in Kenosha, but it does not mean we are perfect.
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As a senior, I've been at Central for all four years of high school, and it's definitely had its ups and downs. Even with its downfalls, the curriculum continues to be creative and different. Hands on and involved, while also being intense enough for students to actually learn.
The teaching staff is very helpful and great, for the most part. The administration could be better.
Westosha Central High School never lacks in the personality and diversity that it offers to its students. It's never quite tedious in the classrooms and they always offer hands-on experiments to engage each and every high schooler to their fullest potential. The teachers believe in your academic goals and desire only the best for you. Nevertheless, the school is lacking in its diversity and ability to change and grow. The overall communication between the administration and the students is often misguided and no one it's quite satisfied by the end of it. Yet, if this complication is solved Westosha Central is to be an even better place for students to reach their aspirations in their near future.
Central High School is a great school that has many after school activities. I love participating in all the clubs that we have here, and all of the teachers are really invested in their jobs. We have a great Engineering program and a state-recognized Spanish program. We also have an extracurricular aviation program. One thing I would want to see changed about Central is their approach to school versus their approach to sports. It seems as if the school values sports more than academics, and that can be a little frustrating, especially when they can afford a new stadium for football, but can't update our science textbooks.
The students are wonderful and I was fortunate to be surrounded by some great teachers. However, the administration is lacking professionalism.
Overall the school is a good, decent school; its clean and safe and friendly. Yet, this school like many others puts lots of money into their sports and not as much into their arts programs. Would love to see academics and arts pushed much more within the school. Many teachers don't actually care about their students and the administration is kind of a mess. There could be major improvment.
There were points when i was there that most of the staff did a very poor job of teaching the curriculum to the students.
Overall, Central High School is one of the best high school in the Kenosha County area. It's extremely safe, has pretty good academics, teachers, and helps student prepare for colleges, but distinctly lacks diversity.
I liked the shop classes and the sports. Most teachers were good. There were classes for AP, Honors, or college credit offered, too. Central is an average high school with an array of academics and extra-curricular activities.
Central High School has been an amazing experience over the past 4 years. Through my education here I have grown as an individual and had experiences that will help me through out my life.
I've met so many interesting people, and some of my best friends, here. That being said, if the arts program could receive more funding, it'd be perfect.
It is a pretty good school. Very little fights or violence. Helpful and caring teachers. Good staff that is supportive.
A majority of the students are relatively nice. Some of the administration is subpar and there are a lot of rules that are either pointless or unenforced. The teachers are fantastic and do an excellent job preparing students enrolled in AP courses for college.
Teachers and students being more open about issues, and creating a better, safer space for students to express themselves.
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I liked the teachers at our school the most. They really cared about us understanding the material.
Teachers are always willing to help. Academics are above average. There are many opportunities to be involved in extra- curricular activities.
This high school is full of kids who all know each other and care for each other. The falcon family is forever and this apparent at all school events and sports games as all the parents and alumni frequently come back to support their school.
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